Saturday, November 7

how to say no

You have called me to say
Not no to you
or no to others,
but no to myself.
I must say no to
selfish desires,
wrong thoughts, and
dangerous emotions.
I must say no to
the world's values,
sin's temptations, and
my desire to control
what only God can rule.
But left to myself,
I have
little desire
or power
to say
So you have given me
exactly what I need.
It's the only thing
that will solve my
You have given me
your Spirit.
So, when necessary,
I am able
to say 
~Paul David Tripp

Deny yourself, take up His cross, and follow Him! 
(Matthew 16:24)

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Thursday, November 5

His hope for the month

There's not a doubt that this cheerfully colored calendar page does NOT make me think of November.  Perhaps some places look bright and cheery right about now, but not in my neck of the woods.  It's turning into a brown gray dark world right about now.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing." ~ Romans 15:13

Maybe that is why this verse was chosen for November? HOPE is something I need to stick away in my heart right about now and when I look to God for hope He answers by filling me up with all His joy and peace.  That certainly feels like an incredible bonus during a challenging time, especially as the daylight hours seem to be decreasing in leaps and bounds.  

When life gets overwhelming, I just need to glance at the calendar to have my spirit cheered and reminded of His HOPE!

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Saturday, October 31



Yes, we are almost there.

TOMORROW the shelves on every store will have replaced the current piles of candy and scary costumes of today with the grand greetings of Christmas!

As much as I absolutely cannot wait to see the store shelves cleared off as October ends, the refilling part absolutely terrifies — or would it be paralyzes? —me more!

The realization that Christmas is almost here and knowing the days coming will rush by feels especially overwhelming this year. Major remodeling throughout November and an end of the year move of the ministry that I work for will be completely time consuming. Then throw in all the family comings and goings and happenings that will be part of the upcoming days.  Yikes!

With all of that going on in life, perhaps it will be a good year to focus on what the reason for the season is all about and will force me to keep things simple without all the usual trappings. Right now seems to be a good time to be thinking those things through before the calendar page turns to almost Christmas, don't you think?

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  October 2015 - Day 31

Friday, October 30


31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 
Five Minute Friday special word - bacon


Definitely giving away my age when I say that the first thing that came to mind with this word — bacon — was the phrase "he's bringing home the bacon".  In today's world, it would literally mean he went to the store and picked up a package of bacon on his way home.  But it used to mean that he had worked hard all day/week and was bringing home a paycheck.  

Bacon has become an interesting phenomena in our culture, hasn't it?  I cannot tell you how many bacon recipe pins come up on my Pinterest feed as bacon is featured not only in all kinds of odd food combinations that I would probably never consider on my own, but weaved into designs in the recipe as well.  Long before bacon became so crazy popular, our family already had a couple long loved favorite recipes that need bacon cooked to a crisp and crumbled into the mix.  But other than that, bacon only tends to show up on our kitchen table for family breakfasts as something that goes with eggs.  And why?  Have you seen the price of it?  This phenomena has driven up the cost of a package of bacon! (and you almost need to use a paycheck to pay for a enough bacon for your recipe!)

So for our household, bacon will probably still remain just a part of a favorite recipe or two.  Unless, like yesterday, I'm standing in the freezer section of the grocery store looking at frozen pizzas on sale and say, "Hey, here's one we've never tried!  Broccoli, bacon, and cheddar!"

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  October 2015 - Day 30

Wednesday, October 28



As you reach nightfall, consider all the things you've hoped for over the daytime hours.

Chances are....the list is long.

AND chances are the list of hopes that actually came to pass over the daytime hours is probably short.

The reality of expectations not met shouldn't be surprising. Life and people and situations are bound to disappoint.  There are no guarantees in this ever changing world we live in.

Best to learn to set your hope on the living God who is always with you and who never changes.  

*No need to hope He'll hear you, help you, hold you. 
He will.  

*No need to hope He'll lead you, look out for you, love you.  
He will.

*No need to hope He'll carry you, caution you, comfort you. 
He will.

*No need to hope He'll steer you, shape you, support you. 
He will.

It's simple. Hope in HIM who will be with you throughout the daytime hours and when you reach nightfall, you will find that as you put all the details of the day — the good, the bad, the ugly — in the perspective of eternity, He did not disappoint!

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  October 2015 - Day 28

Friday, October 23


31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 
Five Minute Friday special word - JOY


It has always seemed like a good idea to me to be able to capture those moments of great joy — you know, the kind of joy that makes your heart want to explode — and put them into a bottle to open when joy seems so far far away.  

Yesterday I was reminded of this when we were reading in the Old Testament about Joshua crossing into the Promised Land with God's chosen people and setting up a memorial with stones as a remembrance of God's faithfulness.  Every time in the future when they'd go past that memorial, their minds would flashback to the moment when that memorial was set up and God's great faithfulness.

Thinking about I really need something visual to experience joy?


Or maybe not.

What I'm finding more and more lately is that true heartfelt joy comes from being in relationship with God even during some really hard tough times when earthly joy is far away. His Word works powerfully when it's the only solid never changing always truthful full of promises thing you need to cling to when the future feels uncertain.  

That is the kind of joy that nothing on this earth can match because it comes bottled up with His peace and love at the same time.

It's like JOY with a bonus!

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  October 2015 - Day 23

Wednesday, October 14



For years I said I would never fly.  Never. Ever.

Looking back, I'm quite certain it was an irrational fear that came about from when I was young and watched people on television news stories sift through the remainder of horrible airplane crashes that had scattered everything everywhere. Very gruesome kind of sights for a youngin'.

Then a bit over ten years ago when a trip was being planned, there was no getting around that never.ever.  I mean, how can you take a cruise from the Midwest to Hawaii? So instead of planning a simply easy first time to fly experience, I ended up on a puddle jumper to a larger airport and then sat for hour after hour as we flew over the US followed by hour after hour over the Pacific Ocean to finally land in Honolulu.  

Funny how that never.ever. changed since the first time I took to the air.  Since then I have flown to Nashville, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and most recently to San Diego.

flying out of San Diego at dawn


Yes, please.  A wonderful way to travel to further away places, enjoy the task of people watching, talk to people from all over the world, and get a lot of reading done. 

The best part though is to be reminded of the awesomeness of our Creator who not only made all the beautiful vastly different scenery below, but Who created every single person who lives in that scenery below.  It's a humbling way of taking me out of my own little world and blowing me away with the vastness of His world.

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  October 2015 - Day 14

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