Monday, September 15

the wise yes

"When you say yes to something there is less of you for something else.  Make sure your yes is worth the less." ~ Lou Giglio

Ohhhhh, there are so many things to say YES to when asked, and, of course, they are all good things, aren't they? But there's only so many hours in a day and the thinner you are spread, the more chances there are that the quality of what you do will be compromised.  Plus, it seems your attitude can easily get negatively compromised  as well. C'mon, no one can do everything perfectly!

Choose wisely, my friend!  Say YES to those things that will easily allow God's love to flow out of you and you'll find you won't be compromised, but instead you'll be energized!  It makes serving others a blessing to them and to you!

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Friday, September 12

ready or not

Definitely one of the fastest weeks e.v.e.r!  Here it is - FRIDAY - and the fun challenge of writing for five minutes on one word with no editing, posting it, linking it up at Five Minute Friday on Kate's blog Heading Home, and then leaving a word of encouragement behind on the post before yours. The word for this week is here we go....ready, set, GO!

(our old garage sale signs)


Summer weekends were full of plans which meant planning a garage sale on a September weekend instead.  No problem, right?  All summer to get ready, right?  Weather should still be good, right?

Sooooo, this past Monday I cleaned out our garage and set up tables.  I was gone all day Tuesday and Wednesday catching up at work after being gone for a week.  Thursday was spent setting up and pricing all the things I wanted to sell.  Sale began today (Friday).

Ready?  Hardly.  Weather good?  Hardly.  Good day of selling stuff?  Yup!

It was one of those situations that was hanging out there, I knew it was coming, I really saw the need to do it, but did not feel prepared at all to do it.  Yet, it didn't seem stressful.  It was more of a "what will be, will be" kind of feeling and I just went with the flow.  And it was fine.

Much of my life feels that way right now.  Life situations that have been hanging out there, I know the general direction that things are going, I know certain steps will need to be taken, and I don't feel completely prepared to do them.  Yet when the time comes, I will follow the Lord trusting His plans for what will be.

Because He truly does walk before us, next to us, behind us. And it will be fine whether I'm ready or not.


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Thursday, September 11

forget the acorns

"The man who truly would know God must give time to Him." ~ A.W. Tozer

Often feeling like a squirrel who is busy hiding away as many acorns as he can find this time of the year, it is oh so important to take time for God in the busyness of autumn. Don't just take time for Him, MAKE time for Him.  Get to know Him.  For He will sustain you through the winter up ahead.  His sustaining is so much better than anything all those acorns you're collecting will ever do for you! 

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Monday, September 8

Daybooking in September

For September 8th

Outside my window.....the skies are sunny and it's breezy today.

I am thinking.....about the ability we have to change the world one person at a time.  Seems like a slow process until you consider the possible multiplication from that one person.

I am thankful.....for God's protection over me through all of my travels during the past week.

I am blue jeans, a favorite white t-shirt, and my new flip flops.

I am hearing.....the breeze in the trees.

I am college campuses can talk a lot about drug and alcohol prevention, yet turn a blind eye to what is actually happening on their campuses.  Seriously, these students are our future leaders?

I am creating.....a long follow-up list from the conference I attended last week.

I am clean my garage today so I can start setting up for a garage sale.

I am reading....."Grace" by Max Lucado

I am praying.....for clear focus and vision for the future.

I am much I love fall days!  Warm sunshine during the day and crisp nights for sleeping.

I am manage my time well this week because there's so much I want to accomplish.

On my the importance of loving sincerely and intentionally blessing others.  We can do that best when we fully lean into the truth of our identity in Christ.

From the learning rooms.....we have begun a new school year.  Only two students this year.

I am learning....that God really does help us when we are asked to stretch in new uncomfortable ways.  He IS faithful!

Noticing that.....the trees are definitely starting to change color.

I am looking forward to.....applying some new things I've learned!

Pondering these words....."Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." ~ Anne Frank

From the kitchen.....we will be eating lots of veggies from the garden.  The harvest is always way more than we can humanly possibly eat!

Around the house....are the signs of someone who didn't feel like unpacking last night.

One of my favorite spending time with my grandchildren and enjoying their abundance of energy (and the mischief that comes with natural toddler curiosity).

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include heading back to work, setting up a garage sale for the weekend, garden harvesting, soccer practice for a daughter, and in general catching up from a week of being gone.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
A bee on a cosmos - the bees are so so busy amongst the garden flowers right now.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the September daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at The Simple Woman's Blog

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Thursday, September 4

shhhh! listen!

"God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer." ~ Mother Teresa

Take some time to quiet your heart and listen to the whisper of God.

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Monday, September 1

the result of sun

The best part about the end of the summer is the SUNFLOWERS!

Planting a variety of sunflowers adds to the joy.

The bees are buzzing all around them.

They are as busy as I feel right now!

Fall is right around the corner.  You can feel it with the cool nights and the warm days.  Truly, another favorite season of mine!  Enjoy it while it lasts!

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Saturday, August 30

found amongst the tomatoes

My plans to FINALLY work on some house cleaning today were unexpectedly changed.  On my way back from running errands, I thought I'd stop at the local farm market to see what the status of canning tomatoes was at this point of the summer. Sometimes it's an early season OR sometimes it's a late season.  Of course, this time of the year it's never the right season because life is pretty busy.  

Alas, they had a handful of unclaimed cases of canning tomatoes sitting along the wall.  I couldn't resist.  It felt like one of those now or never kind of decisions.  Two cases came home with me.  
Spending time canning tomatoes truly is one of my favorite things to do.  I always thought it was simply because they are easy to can.  But today I realized there's a different reason I enjoy canning tomatoes.  It's not like  canning other vegetables where I have others in the kitchen helping me, but it's always been a task I do alone.  AND while I'm doing it alone, I realized today that I have an unspoken tradition of digging out my old Rich Mullins CDs to listen to while I'm slipping the skins off of the tomatoes. With that realization, I really listened to the words of his songs and now I know the reason why I have this unspoken tradition.....the verses and lyrics of his songs are rich with Jesus.  So rich with Jesus that you feel like you are worshipping Him in the midst of chopping tomatoes standing at the kitchen sink.  

Just goes to show you that any place can be used as a sanctuary for worship as long as your heart is open to Him.

Tonight there's twenty-one quarts of tomatoes cooling on the countertop of my kitchen and a heart that has been equally warmed by His presence.  Guess it really was the right day to can tomatoes!

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