Monday, July 21

picking weeds, ummm prayers

Once upon a spring I was trying to decide what to do about a garden.  Life is busy around here.  My kids are growing up and most of those at home work all summer.  It would be a lot of work if it was just my youngest and myself having to do all the planting, weeding, and harvesting.  So, did I want to even plant a garden this year?  Or maybe only plant a small one?

So, before I left for the long Memorial Day weekend, I asked my husband to please till the garden.  
Ohhhh, he tilled it alright.  But he also did a landscaping project on the hillside by the garden that he's talked about for years.  Did I mention that his project substantially increased the size of my garden?  Did I also mention that after seeing my new garden I had to go into the house for a few minutes to cry?  It really did overwhelm me, deflate me, discourage me, that much.  

I went from no garden to maybe a small garden to a much larger garden.

It took me two weeks to recover as he added more fencing to re-attach the garden gate before I began the project of tackling the planting. Once all was planted, I closed the garden gate to let it grow.

The summer went on in a flurry of busyness.  So much happened at work, at home, within our family.  So much on my mind.  So much on my heart.  

Then I looked out my bedroom window the other morning and saw my garden.


Seriously out of control.  
Yes, this bad.  At least the sunlight makes it look bright and cheery, right?  Because my attitude wasn't bright and cheery as I began.  Nope.  Not even close to bright and cheery.

I quickly determined that I needed to define all the rows and areas of veggies to kind of outline them by pulling those weeds first giving them the light and watering they needed to grow strong and productive. Then we could do more general weeding between the rows and edges to clean up the entire garden.

My crew of girls disappeared rather quickly as I spend several hours each day over the weekend sitting in the dirt pulling weeds and hoeing along the way.

Improvement was noticeable as I headed to the shower at the end of each day full of dust and dirt.  
But, you know what was more noticeable?  My attitude.  The act of pulling weed after weed in the quiet of my garden allowed me to pull thought after thought out of my mind.  No one to disturb me as I pondered work, home, family.  Honestly, I hadn't had quiet pondering time like that in a LONG LONG time.  And all those ponderings unraveled a lot that had been on my mind which naturally led to prayer on my knees.  

My garden.  The perfect place to pray. 

Finally my head hit the pillow last night with muscles and joints complaining. But my heart?  It was so full of thankfulness for a much too large garden which provided a much needed pondering time that provided the much needed prayers for so many life situations.  

Perhaps God enlarged my garden to enlarge my faith during this growing season?  Time will tell!

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Tuesday, July 15

the swoosh is beginning

There are so many times I wish blogging was around when I first began raising my children.  What a wonderful way to journal the happenings of life!  But alas, I didn't discover it until my youngest was almost four years old.  So, instead you get posts like this of the "firsts" for my last child.

My children loved going away to camp.  Perhaps a bit scared at first, but the stories that came home always spoke of delightful adventures.  As they grew up, they would often make the decision to go back to our favorite camp and serve as counselors or on summer staff.  

On Saturday, I dropped off my youngest for her first experience of girls camp.  Since she's the kind of kid who likes to have a pretty good idea of what's happening in life (IOW, not a big fan of sudden new changes), I lingered a bit longer to make sure she was comfortable in her new surroundings.  Met all her cabin counselors, arranged her new bed, met her cabinmates, watched her take the swim test, and then walked along to watch her take the horsemanship training.
Once she was done with that, I could tell she was all set for a week long camp experience. I returned to the main camp to get back into my car for a quiet ride back home.  And it's a quiet week around home.  Funny how quickly life changes from the pitter patter of tiny feet to the swoosh of their wings flying from the nest.....

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Monday, July 7

Daybooking in July

For July 7th

Outside my window.....the skies are blue and sunny.  A beautiful summer morning after an evening of receiving some plentiful rain.

I am thinking.....about how very quiet my home is this morning after a very busy full household last week.

I am thankful.....that all my traveling family arrived safely back at their homes last night after dealing with lots of holiday traffic.

I am wearing....a pair of shorts, white tank top, and a bright coral hoodie.

I am bird singing the same song over and over again outside my window.

I am I will ever get all of my garden weeded?  I'm soooo far behind this year on garden work.

I am creating.....some new space on bookshelves as I slowly work on getting rid of books.

I am work on FAFSA forms today. Better late than never.

I am reading....."God Loves Broken People" by Sheila Walsh

I am praying.....for resolution and restoration between two people who currently can't even begin to see eye to eye in a relationship conflict.  

I am much I always love early summer mornings that are bright with sunshine at an early hour.

I am get started on a college quilt for my daughter very soon as the summer days are apt to pass quickly.

On my helping my youngest get ready to go to her first summer camp and alleviating any of her worries about this new adventure.

From the learning rooms.....we are pretty much done for the summer, although I still have some correcting to do with one daughter.

I am trust God even in little details that seem unimportant.

Noticing'll be over a week since we've had to mow the grass.  Perhaps the rapidly growing grass is finally slowing down a bit.

I am looking forward to.....having a brief bit of quieter summer days in July (at least I'm HOPING they'll be quieter!)

Pondering these words....."Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith." ~ Elisabeth Elliot

From the's going to be a week of lighter eating after a week of LOTS of eating.

Around the house....are things left behind by family.

One of my favorite things.....are well loved books.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include a couple days of work, garden weeding, some running, going through all the pictures we took last week, more garden weeding, packing up a daughter for camp, and continuing to sort through stuff around the house as time allows.  

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
There was a LOT of time spent in the lake over the past week. My kids had a blast!

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the July daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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Thursday, July 3

do it

A new month which always seems to mark the start of a rapidly disappearing summer.

A new verse to start the month:  "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in everything......" 
~ I Thessaslonians 5:16-18a.

Always.  Without ceasing.  In everything.


Because of what the rest of verse 18 says: "....for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

The will of God for YOU!  

Make a practice of doing these three things always without ceasing in everything throughout the month of July and see how it affects your life and your relationship with God.  My guess is that you'll want to live it out throughout the year!

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Monday, June 30

be you TODAY

"Be yourself—not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Recently chatting with friends about upcoming plans for the Fourth of July, many were looking forward to getting together with family.  Some were traveling for big family reunions and others were hanging around here with family coming home.  

It was a rather interesting topic to be talking about because as much as everyone was excited about spending time with family, they were dreading some of the expectations.  

Family reunions can be the worst.  You get together with people you haven't seen for years.  You expect them to be a certain way and they expect you to be a certain way.  You know, like back in those days....

Only no one is anything like what they were years ago. 

So all your time is spent listening to all those less than flattering stories of the old days when what you'd really like to do is spend time talking about NOW.  TODAY.  Who are you today and how did your past shape you?

And I think that's true even in families who do connect fairly regularly. It's so easy to revert back to who you were when everyone lived at home, but no one is that person anymore. Everyone's growing up and changing.  Sure, their basic personality is still there, but as each one is maturing, their "old self" is being addressed often through painful life experiences and relationships as God renews their minds and helps them put on their "new self" (Ephesians 4:22-24). That whole experience throws off others' expectations, doesn't it?   

The bottom line is that we are ALL a work in progress.  

So whether it's a large family reunion or a small family gathering, let's focus on how we can encourage, love, and support the journeys our family members are on TODAY.  

And don't forget to be yourself!  You are a one-of-a-kind never to be repeated unique person who is abundantly loved by the God who created you!  He has a purpose and a plan for your life which will bring glory to His name and He'll be with you every step of the way.  Even those steps right into a holiday family gathering!

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Saturday, June 28


"Not being able to fully understand God is frustrating, but it is ridiculous for us to think we have the right to limit God to something we are capable of comprehending." ~ Francis Chan

Something to ponder a bit for the weekend.  He truly is a limitless God who works in ways beyond our comprehension. So don't get Him!  He is faithful!

Tammy  ~@~

Friday, June 27

lost for a moment

It's a bit surprising to not only see that Friday is here again, but that we are almost to the end of June already!  Oh know how the summer always goes much faster once you get past the Fourth of July!  Let's not think about that and instead think about the quick writing challenge of the day. For five minutes write on the word of the day.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it where a community of writers are doing the same thing at Five Minute Friday.  Be sure to click on the link before yours AND leave a word of encouragement behind.  The word for today is - LOST.    Ready?  Set?  GO!
(the map that was left at home)


Having checked google maps the night before to see where I had to go and with the handwritten directions by my side, my youngest daughter and I left the college orientation for her older sister to visit some family for an overnight.  Simple, right?  Until we were traveling along on the road that should have taken us straight to the interstate and instead we found a "Road closed" barricade across our path with no detour arrows.  


With a one way street before us and no map, we traveled in the only direction we could and entered an urban neighborhood that caused me to quickly lock our car doors.  

Lost.  Another gulp followed quickly by a prayer.

"Lord, help us!  Be our GPS!"

Because you see, I'm not a north south east west kind of traveler.  I'm a turn at the yellow house kind of person. Without a sense of direction, I had to tune in very carefully to the Lord's leading.

And before I knew it after several turns this way and that, I could visually see the interstate and where I needed to go to get on it.

Found!  Smile. 

A good reminder that when I'm feeling lost in life how important it is to ask the Lord for help to be my GPS through the situation.  It will take focus and truly tuning Him in to be found once again.


Tammy ~@~
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