Friday, December 2


It's time to take five minutes and write.  Feeling rather rusty after not posting here in a long time, yet doing a lot of writing elsewhere, it will be fun to write unedited.  Let's see what flows from my fingers as I post it in a community that gathers every Friday at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  The word for today is CRAVE.  Ready? Set? GO!


After seeing one of those pictures comparing different food or drink items with the amount of sugar they contain in a glass next to them, I decided to make one very specific change this fall - stop putting a spoonful of sugar into each cup of coffee I pour. Years again, in between babies, I always drank my coffee black. Then I met creamers. Need I say more? DELICIOUS! Then I read the long labels of ingredients on creamers and knew I had to say goodbye to them switching to a splash of milk and a *little* sugar in my morning coffee.  So, it should be easy to go back to black coffee, right?

Talk about CRAVE!

Every time I pour my coffee, add that splash of milk, I crave that sweet taste of sugar.

Oh, after weeks of not adding sugar to my coffee it has gotten easier. In fact, it has actually helped beat those sugar cravings that come so easily throughout the day. But there's still those occasional moments when it's easy to think...just a little bit of sugar won't hurt. Yet, I know the truth is that over the long course of time sugar is disastrous for my health.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

The reality is that it isn't just about sugar.  There are so many things this world dangles before our eyes that we crave. We *think* we'll feel better if we buy this, do that, update more things, add those activities, serve new recipes, craft better items, etc. It can't be denied either that often the worst crave inducer is Pinterest, right? The truth is that over the long course of time most of those cravings can be disastrous for us. We crave things in this world that really are meaningless over the long course of time if you really think about it.

There's only one thing that can fill ALL that you CRAVE - Jesus. Knowing Him as your Lord and Savior will have positive benefits all the way through eternity. Don't take my word for it. Open the Bible to the New Testament and start reading. It will be a sweet addition to your days!


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Sunday, April 3


Five minute Friday provides the task of writing for five minutes on one word with no editing allowed.  Post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, and be sure to visit the link before yours to leave a word of encouragement for a fellow writer.  Having not written on my blog for so long, I decided to write on this week's word which is DECIDE.  Ready? Set? Write!


What made me decide to write on my blog after such a long time?  Seeing that the word for this week was the word "DECIDE" because the last couple of days I kept seeing this quote come up on Facebook:

"Be decisive. Right or wrong make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision."

Living in squirrel country, this quote made perfect sense to me.  Squirrels are constantly busy - my guess, busier than bees - and are running everywhere  all the time which drives our dog completely crazy most of the time.  Racing up and down trees, leaping on and off bird feeders, chattering in rainy or sunny weather.....just plain busy.

Quite often, however, they are seen on the edge of the road and will do this back and forth thing several times before either running straight across or heading back into the woods. I cannot tell you how many times I've looked in my rear view mirror to see if there is a flat squirrel on the road behind me.  
How often does our mind do the exact same thing when we are trying to make a decision?  Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth....until the decision essentially gets made for us and often throws us flat on our back. 


Decide, my friend.  Take it to the Lord in prayer.  Make a choice.  You'll either fly across the road without a single hair touched or you'll be back in the woods allowing all the "what ifs" to run through your mind.  Either way, the Lord loves you, goes with you, and you have nothing to fear!


Tammy ~@~

P.S.  I looked through my photos for a squirrel picture, but have none.  Those crazy animals don't hold still long enough for a picture!  

Friday, January 29

the continued quiet

It's hard to believe January is coming to a swift end as we land on the last Friday of the month.  Seems like a perfect time to join in on a bit of quick writing today.  The task is to write for five minutes on one word, no editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, and be sure to visit the link before yours to leave a word of encouragement behind. Today's word is QUIET.  Ready? Set?  WRITE!


The thing about this five minute writing is that God typically immediately puts something on my mind to write about....and when He doesn't, I usually don't participate because I don't want to overthink a word.

But today's word had an immediate response.

For quite awhile I have been quietly waiting on God in a few areas of my life.  It's been the whole 'be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him' thing (Psalm 37:7a) as I continued with day to day living by doing the next thing before me.  It was a place of quietly wondering what He was up to behind the scenes.

Then January came along and I've been witnessing God obviously moving along here and there.  What is fascinating to me is that there is no urge to suddenly move out of this quiet place of being still.  It reminds me of what Henry Blackaby says about watching to see where God is working and join Him.  And that is exactly where I'm at as I quietly watch and wonder.  Wonder how, wonder where, wonder when. 

The only thing that I'm not wondering is why since I've grown to understand that there are a whole lot of whys I will never know the answer to while I'm on this earth.  

Instead, I'm looking forward to the adventure God has for me and the opportunity to live it out loud!


Tammy ~@~ 

P.S.  Our hostess for this writing task, Kate, has been through some hard health struggles recently.  Be praying for her recovery and a return back to her feet to fully do all the things she loves doing!

Friday, January 15

it's time

Many Fridays have passed and this one is almost gone, but I love the word for today.  It is time to write for five minutes, unedited, posted, linked up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, then taking a little time to visit the link before mine.  The word for today is TIME!  Ready?  Set?  GO!


It seems like so many years pass by and you still think you have so much time stretched out before you to do all the things you want to do.

Then one day you are shopping for LED light bulbs in the hardware store and while you are reading the information on the packaging and consider how much money these special light bulbs will save you in your electrical bill, you also suddenly realize that these light bulbs are probably going to outlive you.  

Time has suddenly shortened!

Your life passes before your eyes as you realize that "retirement" isn't that far away thing anymore.  The ticking of the clock takes on new meaning as priorities are considered and sorted through with the word S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y. marching to the beat of the tick tock.

The new year may be a couple of weeks old already, but in a moment of time I've resolved that the home I've lived in for almost 37 years needs a major decluttering.  I'm done dealing with STUFF everywhere as my family continues to shrink.  It is time to sort through, give away, throw out, and reduce the stuff that robs me of valuable moments.  Keeping my home simplified will give me more time to spend with those I care about most.  And that, my friend, will always be time well spent!


Tammy ~@~

Monday, December 28

the technicalities

Ahhhh, there has been a collision between my computer's troubles for awhile (especially when it comes to the photo software program which has kept me from wanting to ever blog again because of frustration) AND life that has been overwhelming in so many ways since early this fall. Therefore, this little barely noticed space on the internet has been

I'm looking forward to my computer-wise sons coming home and getting things up and working right before the new year. That will definitely help with the computer frustration both at work and home.

And life?  Well, I'm trusting God on that part knowing He is faithful and has a plan.  The past is in the past. My hope is that His plan includes turning some new pages with fresh vision to write a new story for the future. 

Until then, I will continue walking step by step with Him as I make the most of each day He gives me breath and life!

Tammy ~@~ 

P.S.  I could NOT get this month's calendar page picture to load AND when I went to reorder my favorite calendar for the new year it was out of stock!  Just a glimpse of some of the random things that have been part of my life......

Saturday, November 7

how to say no

You have called me to say
Not no to you
or no to others,
but no to myself.
I must say no to
selfish desires,
wrong thoughts, and
dangerous emotions.
I must say no to
the world's values,
sin's temptations, and
my desire to control
what only God can rule.
But left to myself,
I have
little desire
or power
to say
So you have given me
exactly what I need.
It's the only thing
that will solve my
You have given me
your Spirit.
So, when necessary,
I am able
to say 
~Paul David Tripp

Deny yourself, take up His cross, and follow Him! 
(Matthew 16:24)

Tammy ~@~

Thursday, November 5

His hope for the month

There's not a doubt that this cheerfully colored calendar page does NOT make me think of November.  Perhaps some places look bright and cheery right about now, but not in my neck of the woods.  It's turning into a brown gray dark world right about now.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing." ~ Romans 15:13

Maybe that is why this verse was chosen for November? HOPE is something I need to stick away in my heart right about now and when I look to God for hope He answers by filling me up with all His joy and peace.  That certainly feels like an incredible bonus during a challenging time, especially as the daylight hours seem to be decreasing in leaps and bounds.  

When life gets overwhelming, I just need to glance at the calendar to have my spirit cheered and reminded of His HOPE!

Tammy ~@~

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