Wednesday, April 25

as simple as a spoon-rest

The other day as I was cleaning off my stovetop, I pulled everything off that sits along the top edge wanting to give it all a good cleaning. Then as I cleaned up the burner areas, I put the spoon-rest into the soapy water in the sink to soak awhile. Once everything was sparkling again, I grabbed the spoon-rest out of the sink, rinsed it, and as I was drying it whoosh! it flew out of my hands and hit the tile floor. Crack! It was broken in two! And for a split second my heart broke in two.

For you see, that spoon-rest wasn't any ordinary spoon-rest. Many years ago when I was a young mother with many littles, my mom would often stop by and lend a hand where I needed it. Often it would be around lunch time and she'd help prepare something on the stove. Alas, I never had a spoon-rest and the telltale sign my mom had been there was a small plate sitting on the center of the stove where she'd set a ladle or spatula. One day she brought me a spoon-rest I fell in love was of a clear molded plastic and had beautiful wildflowers within it. And it has graced my stovetop ever since that day, although it had grown very yellowed and the flowers were hard to distinguish. But still, it was one of the few things I have from my mom in my kitchen.

It amazes me how after more than two years my heart can, in a moment, grieve all over again.

And yet, all was not broken. For left behind was a treasure that she planted in me - to be a loving mother beyond the walls of my own home as I bless my own children when they are in the midst of the busy child-rearing years. To love and serve. And snuggle my grandbabies whenever possible for that was a job she could be declared an expert!

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pianopraise80 said...

You follow well in her footsteps...did you know that?? If you remember correctly, my first birthday B and I were married, you gave me a cat spoon rest that resides beside the coffee pot! (It's my fav!) And you too are an official expert at snuggling grandbabies!! Looking forward to your trip this weekend when we can use the spoon rest and enjoy a cup of coffee while you snuggle your grandbaby. :-)

Love you!

mom said...

You are very sweet! {{{{{}}}}} I'm greatly looking forward to the weekend, too!

Noel said...

Sniff :*-(

What a precious memory!

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