Monday, April 23

got it?

Another wonderful thing about spring is all the spring catalogs that arrive in our mailbox: garden and seed, homeschooling, and clothing in *my* favorite colors! With a new season comes the change of season clothes for the kids and as usual those children went and grew taller on me! How does that happen so quickly?! Unfortunately we also seasonally run into the frustration of not finding clothing in the stores for growing children which is modest enough. So, out come the kids catalogs and littles who are pointing to almost everything saying, "Got it! Got it! Got it!" before their sibling picks the same thing.

As I was thinking about their childish ways, it hit me that I could so easily do the same thing. How about sitting down with a friend and looking through a Pampered Chef catalog and saying, "Got it! Got it! Got it!" before my friend did. Or running around a scrapbook store or quilt shop and yelling, "Got it! Got it! Got it!" before anyone else claimed anything. It does make me laugh at the thought as it is so ridiculous, ahhh, but with a hint of truth.

Fortunately the reality is that both my children and I know we don't need all those things to be happy. In fact, as much as I LOVE fabric right now I have an entire storage room filled with boxes and boxes of fabric which I inherited from my mom and the abundance can be a burden at times. Stuff doesn't equal happiness.

Recently I ran across a quote that puts an interesting twist on thankfulness: "If you haven't all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don't have that you didn't want." - Anonymous

Ah, gratefulness! Hoping to plant some more gratefulness in my family's hearts today :-)

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