Monday, April 30

a "heart" issue

Myth: your heart only has certain amount of space to love others

After having my first baby, my heart was full. When I found out I was pregnant again, I wrestled with how I could love another child as much. What a surprise to find that indeed it was possible! In fact, it was a wonderful discovery with each pregnancy - from first to the current last - that the love story began the moment I had a positive pregnancy test. And that was only the beginning, for each child has expanded my heart even more with their uniqueness as I've watched them grow up.

Then as your children grow up, they find spouses who bless your life and suddenly your heart grows a bit more! And with those relationships come grandbabies....oh dear, that deserves a paragraph of its own.

Someone recently asked me if having grandchildren felt any different since our own family still had littles - did grandchildren just feel like an extension of our family? In a sense, they are an extension of our family....BUT....OH MY!....grandchildren take over a totally different section of one's heart. It is an unimaginable kind of love that truly does feel like a cup overflowing :-) And once again, your heart grows some more.

And, of course, you can't forget the commitment of a long term marriage and the love that develops through many trials. There are deep roots and a tenderness within your heart that is unlike any of the other loves.

Oh, and friends! Old friends who you haven't talked to in years, but can pick up a conversation in a moment. Close friends who you've laughed with, cried with, prayed with. New friends who are stretching your horizons. Love.

The truth is your heart EXPANDS with each relationship. Love grows and stretches your heart to new dimensions. Wouldn't it be a testimony of love if someday you died, had an autopsy done, and your family was told, "We've never seen anything like this! This woman's heart filled her entire chest cavity!" :-)

Go and plant some love in your garden today - you'll be abundantly blessed by it!

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Bonnie said...

Tammy, how true! What a beautiful picture you have painted! Sometimes, I think my children think I am over-exaggerating a little when I say I love my grandchildren as much as I love them. They will see.

My husband and I are finding we even have a love for those great-grandchildren we may never see -- you know what? I think it is because they seem so real already, because we pray for them daily.

It truly is amazing how the Lord can expand your heart to hold more and more "loves". Thanks for the sweet reminder, Tammy.

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