Friday, April 27

once there was a little kitty

Toward the end of the school year, each week after their spelling tests are completed the children can pick their own poems instead of reciting the ones from their spelling books. We have a large book of family poetry that they look through. Today as one child was paging through the book, their choice was "The Three Little Kittens". I vetoed it saying that the choice had to be one we hadn't heard before and to keep looking as I knew there were other poems about cats. So, this was the result and I'm sorry to say there was no author listed.


Once there was a little Kitty
Whiter than snow;
In a barn she used to frolic,
Long time ago.

In the barn a little mousie
Ran to and fro;
For she heard the Kitty coming,
Long time ago.

Two eyes had little Kitty,
Black as a sloe;
And they spied the little mousie,
Long time ago.

Four paws had little Kitty,
Paws soft as dough,
And they caught the little mousie,
Long time ago.

Nine teeth had little Kitty,
All in a row;
And they bit the little mousie,
Long time ago.

When the teeth bit little mousie,
Little mousie cried, "Oh!"
But she got away from Kitty,
Long time ago.

I don't know if it was the child who read it, the rhythm that they used, the inflections they used, our odd sense of humor, or WHAT(!), but we all burst out in laughter after it was finished! Perhaps I should preview poems before they read them out loud? NAW! :-)

"....but the cheerful of heart has a continual feast." ~ Proverbs 15:15b

May you be feasting in your garden today!

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Noel said...

you have the cutest stories!

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