Tuesday, April 24

building creativity

Today one of the younger ones had a Bible lesson on creativity which was defined as "responding to the world in my own special way". There were a series of activities that had to be done and it was interesting to see how this child did do things in her own special way and in ways I wouldn't have thought of :-)

Then over our lunch hour I was browsing through the newest Timberdoodle catalog that had come in the mail. In it was a *new* child sized Lego set with 84 bricks. The description read: "Made from a unique pliable material, Lego Soft is safe, quiet, durable and washable." Having had zillions of legos in our house forever, their selling point for me was this, "And because no Lego Soft brick has sharp edges, you will find that they are not as painful to step on at night!" Woo hoo! Ohhh, how many of those have I stepped on with my barefeet through the years? Too many to count! Unfortunately my crew of boys have grown too old for this new set....perhaps when there's a crew of grandboys someday?

But how could I measure the amount of creativity that continues to pass through our home with all the zillions of legos? Literally hours upon hours upon hours! In fact every Christmas we fill our entire living room with our homemade Lego Town and it becomes highly competitive as we design our homes (and I do mean *we* as I enjoy it as much as the kids!)

So here's to planting a little creativity in our homes today!

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