Friday, May 4

95 caps

One of my favorite stories as a child was "Caps for Sale" by Esphyr Slobodkina. We all know the story of the peddler who wandered up and down the streets selling a tall pile of caps atop his head. Then he stops for a nap and fairly quickly all the monkeys in the tree are wearing his caps *smile*

We've had our own version of "caps" around here as my sister-in-law was cleaning out my in-laws house a bit this past week. We received four large garbage bags full of hats which my mother-in-law had worn As we took them out of the bags, we put them up on the floor in piles of fives and counted NINETY-FIVE hats! Every color, every style, plain, funky, you name it, we have it! And the littles were delighted and are having a ball wearing hats around here :-) Since I didn't want to find hats all over the house once the monkeys were done with them and wanted to throw them down, I let them each choose a few hats to keep out. The rest I stacked up like the peddler, put them back into bags, and will let my older girls pick a few when they are home sometime. What fun! And what wonderful memories of their colorful Grandma!

And you know, we don't even have a copy of that book around here as I think we've always read a copy from the library. Perhaps it's time to buy our own book in memory of a grandma who perhaps didn't have a green thumb, but certainly had her own treasures planted in a garden for us to enjoy :-)

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