Monday, May 7

it is NOT an earring!

That thing that has been attached to my ear all is NOT an earring! It was the telephone. It was inevitable, I suppose. How else can you be on a wedding countdown without at some point having to talk to a bunch of people needing to make call after call after call? NOW to make heads or tails out of all my notes.....

And, at the moment, my household looks like I've been absent all day long. Life goes on, doesn't it? The kids still play and eat and let wet dogs into the house and snack and play with something else and finally give up after the hundredth time of coming up to mom to tell her something and have her give the "shhhh" finger on her lips while she tries to listen on the phone. Ohhh, I don't like these kinds of days, but there are things that had to be done and accomplished and perhaps I've made such great progress that the phone will go back to its place for a few days.....a mother can dream can't she?

So on to catching up with my household and spending some time listening to my kids :-)

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