Monday, May 14

just do it

"Instant obedience is the only kind of obedience there is; delayed obedience is disobedience." OUCH! How many times have I read that in child training books?

This morning it reappeared in my devotional as it spoke about Abraham and his proper obedience to God found in Genesis 17:23. Abraham did what God asked him on the very same day.

How often do I expect instant obedience from my children? Always. How often does God expect instant obedience from me? Always. How often do I instantly respond in obedience? ::::gulp:::: Okay, am I the only one who always has to ponder, chew on, pray about, receive counsel, etc., before I believe I've discerned God's voice and actually move forward??? WHAT IF I instead immediately responded to what God was speaking to me? Can you imagine the adventure He would take me on? Whoa! and Wow!

Go and plant some obedience in your garden other words....JUST DO IT! :-)

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