Tuesday, May 29

little buddies

For years around here "little buddies" were those little boys who were in constant motion in our household. This weekend that term took on a new meaning as three different things were referred to as "little buddies" by the people in our household:

mosquitoes - those flying insects that love to find you anytime you walk close to the woods. If you determine that the weather isn't nice enough to greet them out there, they will hang close to all doors and windows awaiting a chance to come inside and annoy you. Their favorite job is to buzz by your ears at night before they bite you. Interesting note though is that the male mosquitoes do not bite; only the females will bite and draw blood before they can produce eggs. Mosquitoes are known to be disease spreaders.

wood ticks - tiny brown clinging critters which are actually part of the arachnid family which is probably why all the girls scream every time one of these are found creeping along on their skin. The screams bring out the boys who pick the ticks off and prefer to light them with a match to hear them POP. Cruel, I know, but ticks are also harmful as here they are known to spread Lyme Disease which a couple family members and a dog have been diagnosed with, so far.

dragonflies - fascinating flying insects which are large enough to enjoy examining close up as they examine you with their compound eyes. The kids coax them onto their fingers and place the dragonfly onto their shoulders to ride around. Often you'll see several dragonflies riding around on their human friends. Even the grandbaby allowed a dragonfly to be placed on a finger :-) Dragonflies truly are our friends as they destroy large numbers of mosquitoes - YAY!

Soooo, all that to say, I never knew which "little buddies" were being spoken of until I actually looked to see what the kids had on them. And I have to confess that two out of the three "little buddies" wouldn't be in MY classification of buddy! It made me think of the beginning of the Bible where creation is described and God kept saying, "It is good". How could mosquitoes and wood ticks be put in the "it is good" category? I've been wracking my brain to figure out the context of when they'd be considered good and I'm just not coming up with any success. It's one of those "when I see God I want to know why" kinds of questions. But will it really matter then?

The verse from my devotional yesterday was John 16:23a - "And when that time comes, you will ask nothing of Me [you will need to ask Me no questions]." (amplified version) Jesus was referring to spiritual mysteries that the disciples had questions about, and according to one commentary, these questions became minimal once Jesus had returned to His Heavenly Father and the disciples were led by the Holy Spirit. It's coming to a point of oneness in your walk with God. Faith. Complete trust. No questioning.

So, although I can't figure out why there are "un-buddies" like wood ticks and mosquitoes, I can trust that God has a purpose for them. And although I cannot understand why dear people in our lives are suffering with such things as the devastation of cancer, I can trust that God has a purpose even in trials.

Plant trust as you walk down your garden path with God today!

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