Wednesday, May 23

more fragrances

When considering when to have a wedding, my daughter picked May because she grew up with lilac bushes growing outside her bedroom window and it was a favorite scent and flower of hers. Not a problem, right? WRONG! Our lilacs blossom at different times in the spring completely dependent upon the past winter and the weather in the spring. Most often they available around Memorial Day weekend.

We marched ahead with a May wedding choosing colors that would coordinate with the various shades of lilacs. And then began the "lilac watch" by myself and friends. A fresh lilac bouquet was brought home by my daughter for Mother's Day, but she lives further south than us so hers were much further ahead. More bushes were closely examined. And a little over a week before the wedding I had to make a decision about whether to order lilacs - which would have been extremely expensive and the quality couldn't be guaranteed - OR trust that ours would be ready in time. I me, Lord. And He did. A friend that morning shared that the bushes were looking good in town and that I should take a drive through the streets and look. And that was my answer. They were at a perfect stage. I could trust God to provide lilacs for the wedding.

I went ahead and put a note on the church bulletin board looking for others who would share their lilacs and calls came in. Then came God's sense of humor. My husband casually mentioned that he was going to be removing a bunch of lilac bushes for a friend on Friday and transplanting them in our yard! :::thud::: I shouted, "STOP!" Apparently my husband had missed all the lilac conversations (actually he avoided all the wild planning excitement on purpose, I think *grin*) and I had to tell him NOT to transplant anything, but allow us to pick the lilacs fresh on Saturday morning.

So, Saturday morning he and I went to the friend's bushes and cut to our heart's content. We cut lilacs at other friend's homes. I cut the lilacs from our home bush for the front of the church and for the bridal table to satisfy my sentimental heart. We had lilacs, lilacs, lilacs EVERYWHERE! Talk about God's abundance! WOW! And the church and reception rooms were unbelievably fragrant. The scent permeated throughout the buildings. And the scent continues now in our home as we've brought millions (really, it does seem like that many!) vases home.

The thought came to me how appropriate this flower was for the wedding as there are so many references in the love book of the Song of Solomon about fragrance. Truly, the color and fragrance enhanced the wedding.

And the fragrance also brought to mind a couple of favorite Scripture verses again: "But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere. For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing" - IICorinthians 2:14-15.

Is my life a sweet fragrance of Christ? Everywhere? Permeating everyone I meet? It's easy for me to do when I'm outside my home, but am I consistent within my home? Am I the only one who reprimands my child one moment with perhaps a harsh voice, but the next moment sweetly answers the telephone or door? :::gulp:::

I know that not everyone will have the permeating fragrance of lilacs in their home to ponder this thought more deeply, but I do hope that we all stop and take time to consider our fragrance. May it be pleasing to Him on this day!

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