Monday, May 21

a new row

Another new season has begun in my life! Although I've been a mother-in-law to a daughter-in-law for almost four years now, I'm now a mother-in-law to a son-in-law as my daughter married on Saturday. And just as it took a while to figure out this whole mother-in-law role four years ago (and I'm still learning!), I think it will take a while to figure it out again as I sense it will be new territory. Exciting, challenging, and always humbling!

So many of my family relationships began when I first became pregnant with a child and watched that child grow and mature. This new relationship is different in that it has been, in garden terms, transplanted into our family. This young man has grown up in a solid family full of extended relatives and set on a firm foundation. Jesus Christ will be the center in this new home. They will live and laugh and grow and love with the support of family. And I keep thinking of III John 4: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." There is no greater joy as a parent!

Although my body may be exhausted by all the pre-wedding, wedding, and now post-wedding events, my heart is full of life as I sense the excitement, happiness, and honeymoon glow these two have as they begin their new "row" :-)

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