Sunday, May 13

remembering mom

The day has been well advertised and everywhere you go there are all kinds of things to purchase to make the day special for your mother. I did venture into the card aisle this year as I wanted to find a special card for my daughter-in-law and was thankful to find only two kinds to pick from, one which was perfect. And then I quickly scooted back out of the aisle.

For you see, I used to spend a LONG time looking for cards for my own mom, especially when I became an adult and a mother myself. How to find the perfect card for everything she meant to me - it was an elusive task! However, my mom has been with the Lord for over two years now and my mother-in-law passed away only five months ago. Mother's Day has taken on a whole different meaning.

Although my children bring great joy in their wishes, a corner of my heart still holds sadness on this day for the earthly loss of my mom. How often I wish I could talk to her! How often I wish I could ask her a question or seek advice! How often I wish we could laugh together one more time! And yet, how dare I wish her back here as she has received her heavenly reward and is enjoying life in the midst of heaven - what a glorious thought! - and it does make me smile :-)

Enjoy this special day as a mother knowing you are making a difference in the lives of each one in your family and that your impact will be eternal giving our Heavenly Father glory!

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