Tuesday, May 15

a spring storm

We were enjoying watching a baseball game late yesterday afternoon when the wind started blowing in clouds. The game was close as the clouds became darker and darker. Our son was called in to pitch for his very first time ever as the storm moved closer. He was doing well striking out batters when the lightning became more evident and the game got stopped in the fourth inning. The storm was threatening as we quickly drove home to grab clean curtains off the clothesline, shut windows in the house, and head downstairs. And just as quickly we lost power. Yet, once we found candles and the storm had passed, everyone settled in for a quiet evening of games and talking. Some went off to bed in the dark and others like myself (okay, perhaps I was the only one!) fell asleep on the couch as I listened to the olders banter back and forth about everything under the sun.

We saw the storm from the threatening side, but how many people during its fury considered the other side of the clouds? For on the other side of the clouds the sun was shining and the winds were calm. "Even now men cannot look at the light when it is bright in the skies, when the wind has passed and cleared them." ~Job 37:21 God is there during the storms. We may not see Him, but He is on the other side. How comforting is that?!

And how nice it is to see a clean landscape outside my window this morning as everything received a fresh washing of rain and the greenery is jumping out even more as spring takes on a new fullness even in the midst of lingering clouds.

Trust Him through the storms of life knowing He is there and the results will be new life :-)

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