Wednesday, June 6

are you swerving?

Through most of the winter and early spring, I grew into a habit of walking at least twice a week. In the winter months our local high school opens up the fieldhouse early in the morning for walkers to use the track which is marvelous :-) Then when the weather turns nicer and you aren't fighting snowbanks, walking easily can be moved to the outdoors.

As May came and life shifted gears for the wedding, I fell out of my consistent walking habit :::thud::: Until yesterday. I so so wanted to take a nap after a long lingering lunch with a friend, but instead mapped out where all the kids were and found the oldest one home to whisper in their ear that I was sneaking off for a walk with one of our dogs. Typically I will walk with the dogs and kids, but it does resemble a three ring circus at times and I really wanted to get a fast paced walk. So off we went!

Our older dog is such a nice walker, especially when I don't have the younger pooch with us. Besides, she needs the exercise as much as I do, so I often choose her as my walking partner. The weather was perfect and the traffic light. It was like walking in a whole different world since the last time I had walked. The trees are now all full of leaves and everything is green and lush. Flowers are blooming. It was wonderful :-)

We live in an area where there are no sidewalks, so as cars would approach us the dog and I would move a few feet over into the grass giving the cars plenty of room to pass us. What became interesting to me was that each car would move way over into the other lane to go around us sometimes almost going off the road! It was the strangest thing to watch. It wasn't like there were kids on bikes with me or several of us spread out along the was just me and this very obedient dog way over in the grass. Were they afraid we'd suddenly leap out at them jumping into their lane of traffic? Did we look that dangerous? Were we really swerve worthy?

After completing three miles and now feeling awake, I began thinking about swerving (to move abruptly aside from a straight line or course). How often do we as believers swerve? Rather than leave our comfort zone when the Lord may be tapping us on the shoulder, we swerve. A necessary conversation, a ministry opportunity, a stranger in our midst, a new Bible study, travel to a new location, an outreach event, a neighborhood picnic....whatever it may be.....we swerve. Each one of those things may be perfectly harmless. Each one of those things may be a perfectly wonderful opportunity to be a light for Jesus. But we swerve because of FEAR. I love the acronym for FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real. We have nothing to fear for the Lord is on OUR side! All it takes is a whisper to the Holy Spirit and our lives are empowered. God truly is with us! Woo hoo!

And what comes to mind is the phrase frequently used in the first chapter of Joshua - "Be strong and of good courage!" May you, too, be strong and of good courage AND sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as you walk down your unswerving garden path today :-)

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