Wednesday, June 13

as easy as pie

"It is important to know that you have to work to keep love alive; you have to protect it and maintain it, just like you would a delicate flower." ~ James Dobson

It was our turn to host Bible study last night which meant it was my turn to come up with a dessert. One of our friends had been experimenting making cookie sheets and had given me samples of what he had made, so I thought I would bless him by making one of his seasonal favorites - a strawberry rhubarb pie :-) You thought I was going to say cookies, didn't you, since he made me cookie sheets? Actually I've already given him samples made on the sheets. Okay, back to the pie....

The spring has been so busy that I haven't yet pulled any rhubarb, so it was nice to have a reason to go out to the garden. I wish I could say I picked our fresh strawberries, too, but it's too early for strawberries here plus the chipmunks always get them out of the garden before they fully ripen, rascals!

The pie crusts rolled out perfectly this time, perhaps because the kitchen was so warm, and soon I had two pies ready - the strawberry rhubarb one and also a pecan pie. Into the oven they went. And the littles busily rolled out the extra pie crust which we put in a pie tin and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top. Into the oven that went. And off I went to finish my cleaning.

As I walked back into the kitchen there was the delightful aroma of fresh pies baking which soon became mixed with the smell of burning! Yikes! I had forgotten the kids' pie crust treat! Even my die hard eaters wouldn't touch that black piece of crust :::sigh::: But the pies turned out wonderfully and enjoyed by all :-)

And what does pie have to do with anything? Well, I had forgotten how much my husband loves my pies. Really, he practically hums while eating a piece of my pie :-) I don't think I've made one since Thanksgiving. I'm not a pie eater - give me a chocolate chip cookie any day! - and to me they are putzy and temperamental as the crusts roll out differently every time. Plus they are a messy clean-up. And there's so many mouths here you can't make just one pie, but you need at least two. Then there's the family member who demands an extra pumpkin pie made at Thanksgiving so there's enough pie to have a piece for breakfast the next morning (how about that as a family tradition? LOL! I told you we make them up as we go!) Oh, and did I mention that my husband loves my pies?

After seeing the smile on my my husband's face last night, really, how hard would it be to bake a pie once a month for my husband? Or once a week? It would be a simple way to bless him and show him how much I appreciate all the hard work he does for me and our family. And all it would really cost me would be some time and the clean-up and perhaps a tad bit of frustration when the crust wouldn't roll out right *grin* A small price to pay in the scheme of life compared to all his hard work.

Is there a special way you could bless your husband? Plant a little love in your garden today!

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Donna Boucher said...

This is such a sweet post.

Cleaning the house blesses my husband. And I don't do it well enough.

I'm gonna get better at that.
Thanks for the encouragement.

(I am a slow learner. WE have been married 27 years :o)

mom said...

HA! I must be a slow learner, too, because it's taken me exactly the same amount of time as you! shhhh, don't tell, but I think I'm still learning! :-D

pianopraise80 said...

You know what would bless me? My very own pumpkin pie for breakfast on the day after Thanksgiving. That way I wouldn't have to share with K. :-p ~ ~

mom said...

Now see what I've started by a simple post on they will ALL think they need their VERY OWN PIE! LOL!

:::::shaking my head and definitely being more careful about future posts:::::

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