Saturday, June 30

a butterfly birthday

A recent visit to a friend's home to drop off some books allowed some of us a wonderful science lesson. She had an aquarium with tadpoles swimming in the water, caterpillars crawling around, and many chrysalises hanging along the top where the screen was secured. She also had many chrysalises taped along the bottom of her cupboards. It was so so awesome! And she shared about the metamorphosis that they go through from eggs to caterpillars to chrysalis to butterfly and the perfect timing of each stage. It's an amazing incredible process and causes you to once again stand in humbleness at how great God is as your marvel at all the tiny little details of his Creation.

A couple of days later she dropped off a pen with two chrysalises attached and I taped it up under my cupboard. Yesterday one chrysalis was getting dark. Still dark this morning, but more transparent looking. Then someone came racing into my room later this morning yelling "BUTTERFLY"! Very exciting :-) The beautiful monarch butterfly is still drying its wings while it hangs onto the empty clear chrysalis. I'm thinking we're going to have to come up with a catch and release plan now. And I'm giggling at the thought of how many butterflies are flying around in her home right now! :-D

Enjoy the new life that comes with summer!

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