Tuesday, June 19

dancing with my sweater on

Joy of joys! We finally received some rain yesterday. For weeks we've watched clouds come and go with only an occasional drop falling from them, but the clouds finally opened to water the earth. Oh, God waters every green thing on this earth much better than any sprinkler you can buy! A priceless gift which causes my garden to sing choruses of hallelujah :-)

Ah, but that great joy has come at a cost - simply put, a breezy COLD front. I've had to close all the windows this morning to the singing outdoors in order to stay warm indoors. Shiver me timbers, even the dog is rolled up in a ball to keep warm by my desk.

Now to employ flexibility and contentment as my plans for the day have changed. I can cross off the work that was on my list for the outdoors due to the wet and cold, and instead can concentrate on the indoors portion of my list. This is a good thing for me. Our summer is so short that being outdoors puttering around is a distraction at times as it pulls me away from keeping up with my indoors chores. Now to pick a project that could use a day of attention - where do I begin as the list is long?!

Perhaps the greatest key in planning any day is spending time with the Lord in the quiet of the early morning house before actually beginning the day. "Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days." ~ Psalm 90:14. For when our hearts are satisfied in Him, we can have contentment whether there is rain or shine, warm or cold, outdoors or indoors, flip flops or fuzzy slippers.

May you find contentment growing in your garden today whatever the weather!

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