Saturday, June 16

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This spring we have been in the process of breaking down my inlaws household and emptying the house. It is a bittersweet process. To say my mother-in-law was a shop-a-holic is probably the greatest understatement ever spoken! And with that statement comes great sadness as there have been countless items in her home that still had price tags on them. My sister-in-law has gone through the bulk of the house which was a huge task.

There haven't been a lot of things that hold a sentimental attachment for myself, so in this process my eye has been mainly on things my kids would enjoy. Grandma had lots of hats (we brought home three or four large black garbage bags full!), lots of costume jewelry (we have a large cardboard box of everything separated - dress up will NEVER be the same again), and dishes galore.

Our last main project has been going through dishes having already made a few trips down there for that purpose. One of the littles and I worked again yesterday until I ran out of newspaper to wrap the dishes with as I placed them into containers. Our main task has been dividing things into categories so like is boxed with like. Our task yesterday was pinks, golds, blues, gold-edged, and flowered (tea cups included in that category). It is being boxed up and marked so that someday it can be passed onto the children as they marry or leave home, for example, one of the olders received many every day kitchen items and dishes when he moved out this spring.

Truly, it is hard not to want to keep it all, but the reality is I have no room for the massive amount of dishes found in their home. I've made a promise to myself that I will only personally keep those things which I will use and so far I've held true to that promise. However, I am feeling a bit challenged with the flowered dishes that came home with us yesterday. Lots of odds and ends of little plates, bowls, cups, and I'd love to keep them all as I so so love flowers! I really do need to learn how to use my digital camera so I can post some pictures - I'm certain I'd receive sympathy if you could just see these dishes which I know I should keep! LOL!

Ahhhh, I so so want to simplify my household and my life and the world keeps tugging at me at the same time. And, of course, my devotional was timely this morning coming from Matthew 6:24 about not serving two masters. OUCH!

Oh, Lord, keep my heart always yearning for you with a healthy enjoyment of the blessings you give me!

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Donna Boucher said...

It sounds like you are keeping it all in proper perspective!

You'll be fine. As you give the task to God and handle it in a pleasing are victorious over material worldly cares. For some reason He wants you to go thru this...
Perhaps how you handle this situation in front of others in your family.

mom said...

Thanks for the insight, Donna. I hadn't thought of the fact that this may be more for others than for me!

Tammy ~@~

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