Sunday, June 3

a flip for joy

My calendar page has been flipped! The picture for the month of June is a large bowl filled with daisies with little wildflowers sprinkled amongst them. And the verse is appropriate for a day in June: "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." ~Psalm 126:3

One of our first main activities on that calendar page was traveling for a wedding which was held last evening. It was scheduled to be an outdoor wedding, however the weather just wasn't cooperating. A last minute decision was made to go ahead with the ceremony in this beautiful outdoor setting, so everyone was quickly seated. The bridal party raced down the aisle, the father of the bride marched down with his lovely daughter as fast as he could, and the big raindrops began falling as the wind picked up! The bride was handed over to the groom and we all ran - literally, everyone was running! - back into the the reception rooms to complete the ceremony. A memory was made! And everyone was filled with joy and laughter!

May your day of worship be filled with joy, too!

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