Saturday, June 2

flipping a page

Each month it always takes me a few days to flip all my calendar pages to a new month. The calendar which sits above my desk/computer typically will get changed on the right day since I do look at that one a lot. Besides, I like to see the new picture every month - hehe! Most of the other calendars around the house aren't mine and the kids will usually flip their pages without my reminder.

But there's one calendar which is a stickler for me. It sits above a kitchen countertop. I love it, I really do! However, when we remodeled our kitchen and I was trying to decide on a where my calendar would be placed, I found the perfect place and made the decision to buy a frame to put it in. The Lang Company is my favorite calendar and stationary place as I've bought calendars from them for a long time, so it was easy to pick out the frame that wanted to use. Everything seemed perfect. Alas, time and experience proved it wasn't. Because of the location over a wide countertop, I cannot easily access the calendar to flip the page. I must break one of the 'mother rules' and climb onto the countertop....okay, the truth is, I don't just climb onto the countertop, I have to STAND on the countertop because the calendar has to be pulled up and out of the frame in order to turn the page. Yes, this also makes it difficult to write future events on the calendar because I can't just flip the page when I'm on the phone talking to someone about an available upcoming date. Instead, little notes are taped along the edge of the frame to write onto the new calendar pages when I do my once a month flipping.

The truth is out! Everyone now knows how ridiculous and stubborn I am! LOL! There are a couple of possible solutions to this dilemma - I could take the calendar frame down and use it somewhere else in the house where I could easily walk up to it and change the calendar OR I could sell the frame and continue to use my calendar in the present place where it fits so well. BUT, I refuse to do either because I still love the frame since it perfectly matches my kitchen cabinets and I love the location as it's the perfect place in the kitchen to keep track of all our family activities. Even if it is difficult. Silly, I know :-)

And this morning while I was remembering that I needed to turn the page to June on that calendar, I was pondering the fact that perhaps some of it is that I'm mentally attempting to freeze time by delaying the inevitable. HA! IT DOESN'T WORK! Silly me, again. It does bother me that time marches on so so quickly and there are moments when I wish I could just stop the clock and savor the sweetness. But time has never worked like that. And I'm reminded of how God works in all of our lives. "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." ~ from Psalm 139:16. Every single day of my life has already been written....even if I NEVER turn that calendar page! And the brevity of our lives has been noted in several passages of Scripture as life as been referred to as "a shadow", "swifter than a weaver's shuttle", "swifter than a runner", "a breath", "a mist", "a vapor", "a grass" other words, our lives are a blink of the eye.

Now I'm wondering if this pondering is encouraging or discouraging?! I think perhaps the best way to look at it is to live each moment, each day to its fullest for our days are numbered. And when we live fully all praise can be given to the Lord :-)

Go for it!

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Noel said...

You are SO funny!! I loved reading your story about climbing on the counter. So now we know just how dignified you really are ;-)

mom said...

LOL! I suppose climbing on the counter isn't very dignified, but I'm so so thankful I'm still agile enough to do it...hehe! Maybe I could get Terry come visit me once a month to flip my calendar page *grin*

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