Monday, June 18

a flowery learning curve

Please bear with me! Not only am I getting reacquainted with my digital camera, but I'm finding that adding pictures to my blog is an even greater challenge than I anticipated as they just don't go where you want them to or how you want them. Guess I'll have to experiment on my family blog as they are used to me stumbling around with new things and will just do one of those "oh, mother!" rolling eyes kind of things...hehehe

Hopefully what you'll see once I post this is the last bloom on my late blooming lilac bush. It is much more of a pink color with a slightly different type flower and with not as much scent as my true lilac bush. The color of these lilacs would have matched the bridesmaids dresses perfectly :-) I've also added a picture of one of our bushes that has finally taken this year and is profuse with blossoms (and for the life of me I can't recall what the name of the bush is now that I need to know!). And finally, a so so wonderful pink peony! My grandmother had several peony bushes which my mom took parts of to plant in her yard. When my parents moved, I wanted to take some of her bushes to transplant to my yard. Unfortunately they weren't in bloom then and I had no idea what color peony bushes I was getting. So far I have two white bushes, one pink bush, and one unknown (I know now that I planted it too deep, so it hasn't blossomed for me yet). I do love the pink peonies the best as they are not only beautiful but incredibly fragrant. Last night I talked to my husband about expanding the flowerbed where the peonies are and adding some other colors of peony bushes that will blossom at different times in the summer.

And life isn't just about flowers, but the vegetable garden is up and doing fine! I'm finding that watering the garden as much as it needs right now is very time consuming and so I wish we'd get a good rainfall one of these of those soaking rains....then everything would grow mightily!

Aren't we just the same? During the trials of life which often feel like dry spells, we tend to turn more toward the Lord and find that He provides the living waters which we can soak up and which cause us to grow mightily, also.

My hope is that you, too, have flowers in your life to make you smile and just the right amount of living water to grow!

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pianopraise80 said...

The top picture looks like a type of columbine. Dunno...I could be wrong. But they are BEEE-UTIFUL!

mom said...

Yup, that sounds right! I need to clean out my garden/seed box today and put it away. I usually keep all the little cards from the perennials and shrubs we plant in that box, so perhaps I'll find its exact name there :-)

Mom ~@~

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