Friday, June 1


It was the strangest thing last evening. Three of us kept getting the hiccups! One person would get them, then they would stop. Another person would get them, then they would stop. Then another would get them, then they would stop. Then someone that already had them would get them again, then they would stop. Then the next person would get them again, then they would stop. Etc. It was completely annoying, yet we had to start laughing about it because it was so ridiculous! The cause of hiccups tends to be from a digestive or respiratory disturbance, so all we could come up with was what we had for supper. We had a cold light supper last night - shrimp salad, lettuce salad, melon, then ice cream for dessert. Hmmm, I don't know why any of those would cause hiccups. Or perhaps it was more from a respiratory thing as we were holding our breath a lot as we were watching the national spelling bee? This morning I'll have to check with those who were out and about with other activities throughout the evening to see if they had hiccups, too!

I've been experiencing hiccups in my life this spring, too, but in a different way. Another definition of hiccups found in my dictionary is: a brief minor interruption or change. A wedding definitely fits that category if you are the mother of the bride. Regular routines and schedules get interrupted. Most of the work is done in a brief amount of time. Life takes on a new and somewhat irregular rhythm in which you have to be flexible and go with the flow. Change. The word annoying doesn't come to mind like those hiccups of last night, but the key was keeping a sense of humor at all times with a smile in your pocket. And watching God work as only He can throughout it all.

And I've recently realized another hiccup this spring. I have not been outside to putter. Yes, I've been outside to do my two or three times a week 'lose weight to fit into my dress for the wedding' walk, BUT I haven't picked up a rake to clean up the leftover fall leaves, I haven't dug around in my flowerbeds to see what has returned this spring, I haven't picked tender rhubarb from the garden, I haven't planted a single thing. This is as strange as those hiccups of last night!

Everyone knows spring is my favorite season and gardening is my thing. HICCUP. Hmm, I don't feel annoyed, it doesn't seem ridiculous, no laughter needed to soothe the nerves, frustration isn't building. HICCUP. It reminds me of the saying, "Contentment isn't getting what we want but being satisfied with what we have." I am satisfied with going through my daily priority list to catch up indoors on my household duties that have been neglected. I am content knowing that in God's timing I will soon be outside puttering to the fullness of my little heart all the while knowing that once I get out there working in the dirt, it'll be hard to get me back inside! HICCUP. Learn to be content whatever the circumstances (Philippians 4:11).

May you, too, find contentment and satisfaction in your garden despite the HICCUPS of life!

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