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in ten years

A couple of weeks ago when I was dropping some things off at a local thrift store, I browsed for a moment or two and picked up a 50 cent book by Elizabeth George. Yes, I used to easily read beyond midnight when I was younger just like my kids do now. Nowadays, well, my goal is to attempt a paragraph before the book falls out of my hands as my eyes shut. It certainly puts a cramp in a reader's style, eh? LOL! Anywho, here is my paragraph from last night:

"Describe the woman you want to be spiritually ten years from now. Jot your present age in the margin here and write underneath it the age you will be in ten years. Imagine what those intervening ten years might hold and you'll see that you will need God for the events of those years! You will need God to help you overcome areas of sin and grow spiritually. You will need Him to help you be a wife...or to be a single...or when you become a widow. You will need God to help you be a mother--no matter what the ages of your children. You will need God if you are to be His kind of daughter, daughter-in-law, or mother-in-law. You will need God to help you successfully serve others. You will need God as you care for aging parents. You will need God as you move into old age yourself. And you will need God when you die."

Okay, I don't like sudden change and do much better with a little planning. Sometimes I will look down the road a few months. But ten years? Visionary is not my middle name. In fact, quite often it's more of a "just get through the day" kind of mentality. So, this will be a good topic to ponder in the days ahead because there is going to be a lot of things happening within our family in the next ten years. Many children leaving home and moving on with life. Weddings. Grandbabies :-) No doubt a few health issues as we age. Some travel. New bedroom carpet. Updated eye glasses. Living room remodel. More pets? Less to cook(maybe?). More time to read (hopefully?). Lots of people with hormones in our household (definitely!). The list could go on and on as my mind wanders around even avoiding thinking about certain areas like becoming a widow.

However, the one area that is hard to predict is the spiritual. What will that look like in ten years? What will God use to form, mold, and even break me during this time? Perhaps it is easier to put it in the context of relationship building as that is what it is. My desire over the next ten years is to continue building on my relationship with God so that it will become even a closer walk in faith. As with any relationship, there needs to be a greater time commitment to get to know Him better. One on one. Carving out more time for His word, for prayer, for worship. Applying it through ministry where He leads. And with His help a continued inside out heart cleaning of that which causes me to stumble.

Sounds like I might be busy for the next ten years! How about you?

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Bonnie said...

Tammy, our family just returned last week from Jamestown VA, where we celebrated the providence of God in the founding of our country. The event was sponsored by Vision Forum, and they designed a beautiful marble memorial (the only one laid for the 400th anniversary -- no official recognition, nothing, for the birthplace of America -- but that is another story) and called it "the Children's Memorial".

It contains a time capsule with the names of thousands of children (our grandchildren included). What a wonderful reminder and inspiration to our grandchildren, to think, "will the faithful heritage God has given me still be evident in 100 years?"

They have talked about it very deeply in the days since we have been home -- calculating how it will just be God's grace if even the youngest one makes it back to Jamestown with his or her grandchildren or great-grandchildren. What a thought-provoker! It caused us to see a little more outside this moment -- there will be a time and place 100 years from now, should the Lord tarry. Where will those generations be, in their walk with the Lord? Lord, keep us faithful in passing on your goodness and mercy and truth.

Sorry to ramble on, but your post made me think about that very thing. Thanks for a good reminder!

mom said...

Definitely provoking some more pondering, Bonnie. And I thought projecting out ten years was a challenge! One hundred years. I have to trust that God will honor our faithful prayers for future generations of our families.

I'm glad your family had an incredible time there. I loved the pictures you posted :-)

Tammy ~@~

The Warm Hearth said...

I often ask teens to think about where they will be in ten years. I realize that I don't often think about it myself. It feels like I have lost the last ten years somewhere with all of the health issues and life issues that have been in my life.

Right now, I'm trying to get back those ten ten years my youngest will be graduating high school. Hopefully, there will be grandchildren to love and play with.

The spiritual is easy to get sidetracked on that especially when we are responsible for all the "little people" who somehow grow up, but it is a very important reminder for us.

thanks for the reminder.
debbie r.

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