Saturday, June 9

it still works

At the end of the recent holiday weekend, a special item of ours was sent home with my grandchild - THE potty chair! With it went an old copy found at a book sale years ago of "Potty Training in a Day" (and I looked at Amazon to post a link, but quiet honestly none of what they had looked like mine and I have no idea who the author of mine was). No, I'm not an advocate of that method, but there are ideas that work well in general when it comes to potty training. Plus my teachable heart daughter-in-law sought advice from me who has gone through the trenches of this challenge. She is fortunate, too, to have another advantage in that her husband was a huge help in potty training his youngest brother (in other words, he came up with the right bribe!). And off they went to prepare for task.

Last night at suppertime, we received the call! The first success! They noticed there was some preparation going on for a "big job", so off to the bathroom they quickly went....and it worked! There was jubilation going on! Cheering! Skittles received! Woo hoo! I'm so so proud! The potty chair is back in action! And it still works!

As I was thinking about it later last night....who would have thought so many years ago when that potty chair was ordered out of a Sears catalog for our first child that someday it would be passed on to a grandchild after successfully training such a large household? Back then I would have laughed at such a notion as I looked at my firstborn sit on that chair.

God had a plan, didn't He? And perhaps it's good that we didn't know the future or it would have possibly paralyzed us from moving ahead. There's that fear peeking out again. But what was there to fear as I look back? God has been there for each step and will continue to be there for each step into the future. His plan unfolds and the adventure continues!

May you, too, look forward to the plan He has for your family and the adventure it holds! As for me, I'm headed out to my real garden as the sun is shining brightly and warming up the freshly tilled dirt for it's planting day :-) My heart is purring LOL!

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