Thursday, June 14

it's all in the timing

We are in the midst of Little League season with one of my middlers. It has been fun watching him improve through the years little by little. This year he has occasionally been pulled in to pitch at the end of a game which is interesting because he has never pitched before and rarely practices that skill. His pitches are slow, but accurate.

Last night was a big game as they were facing off against the undefeated team of the league. Exciting stuff! They pulled an early lead in the game! Woo hoo! It was fortunate that his team was playing well because my son was not - striking out at bat a few times and missing the ball in the field. After a few innings, our pitcher was changed to a more precise thrower who has a mean pitch. The game was close. We were still up by a run. And then they put my son in to pitch :::gulp::: The move didn't make sense to me at all since the other pitcher was doing fine. But there he was and the batters were swinging and missing. Two batters were struck out and one run managed to come in through that inning. Tie game. Extra inning. My son struck out as the third out at the top of the inning. Back up to pitch. Again, he had the batters swinging and struck out two batters in the inning with a guy on third. He threw an outside pitch which the catcher missed and went running to the backstop to pick up. Racing in is the guy from third base at the same time my son is running to home plate from the pitching mound. The catcher tosses him the ball and my son tags the runner out! Woo hoo! Game over ending in a tie (our league regulations state all games must finish by 8 PM since the fields don't have lights, so no matter how much they wanted to play one more inning to determine a winner, they couldn't).

My husband shared with me this morning that he overheard the second pitcher ask the coach why he was pulled from pitching since he was doing well. The coach told him that his pitching was excellent, but they needed to put in a new pitcher to throw the batters off. And that is exactly what my son did with his slow, but accurate pitches. The batters couldn't figure out their timing so their swings were off. If my son started the games pitching, the batters would have more innings and therefore more opportunity to talk amongst themselves to figure out the best timing to get hits.

And I decided that life can be like that, too. We can be going along just fine and then something comes along that we just can't quite figure out and it throws our timing off. Something happened a couple of weeks ago and I've been waiting it out as I try to see if I need to "swing" or let it pass because it's a temporary nothingness. My prayer has been for clarity and discernment. And this morning there was confirmation that I need to take a swing. Time will tell if it will be a strike out or a home run. I do know that I am guaranteed a walk of increasing faith because I'm headed into unknown territory. But, hey, I don't walk alone and can trust my walking Partner :-)

May we all remember along the path that God's timing is always perfect!

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