Thursday, June 21

it's summer!


Month of leaves,
Month of roses;
Gardens full
Of dainty posies;
Skies of blue,
Hedgerows gay,
Meadows sweet
With the new-mown hay.

Flowery banks,
A-drone with bees,
Dreaming cattle
Under trees;
Song-birds pipe
A merry tune--
This is summer,
This is June.

~Irene F. Pawsey

Woo hoo! The first day of summer! The longest day of the year! A time for celebration!

My husband was up early ready to get going on his work day and as I opened my eyes with him stirring about, a quick prayer went up to start my day and then my mind shifted gears to the long list for the longest day. But first, the pleasure of a quiet house for my devotions. Quietly I wandered into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee and it immediately hit me....there was no bread in the house! *sigh* Not a big problem if it isn't needed until lunchtime, however, I knew my olders would be up soon to pack their work day lunches. Suddenly my relaxing morning shifted gears to throwing on clothes so I could make a quick run to the grocery store. Along the way I needed to pause a moment as a mama deer and three small fawns frolicking behind her meandered across the road. Ahh, plenty of time to pause as it is the longest day, you know! And once I went into the grocery store I remembered why I liked coming early as there's no one shopping then and you can leisurely go up and down the aisles. And after all, it is the longest day....plenty of time to find what I need and plan out supper, too.

Once home, the olders were up and ready to make their lunches. A couple of littles were up, too. The dogs were ready to be fed. And suddenly my quiet morning was already gone! How could that happen so quickly on the longest day? My day felt half gone already!

It reminds me of one of those mother's sayings which goes something like this...."The president of the United States has the same amount of hours in a day as you do. Certainly you can fit in time to make your bed!"

Yes, I need to face the fact that the longest day of the year is truly an illusion :::sniff sniff::: The fact that this is the longest day of daylight hours only means I'll attempt to pack more into my day which will result in being even more tired when I go to bed tonight. The truth is that every day has 24 hours. Period. And I need to wisely plan my days to make the most of each moment with a bit of flexibility for what God may have in mind for my day. Wouldn't it be nice if He left a list on the kitchen counter every morning so we'd know what to expect? :-)

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven" ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

Enjoy this new season and especially this longest day!

Tammy ~@~

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