Monday, June 4

like a postage stamp

Has anyone else seen the new 41 cent (why isn't there a 'cent' symbol on my keyboard?) Jamestown postage stamps? They are in a triangular shape and have a picture of sailing ships. My husband mentioned that he had gone into the post office to get some - after I proudly showed him my purchase as it is a minor competition between us to be the first to get newly issued stamps - and that they were out of those and may not get anymore. He was saddened by that fact because he is a stamp collector. This morning I checked my sheet of these precious stamps and found that I had not used a single stamp yet, so I think I'll bless him by giving up my sheet for his collection. Granted, he could probably order these online, however he will never get around to it and it will be fun to see his face when I hand him my stamps.

And continuing with my stamp theme is this saying: "Be like a postage stamp--stick to one thing till you get there" ~ Josh Billings. What significance does this saying have, you may ask? Well, I've recognized another problem I have. It's a seasonal disorder in my life. And every August for many years now I've detected it and am determined to do something about it this year.

Every year when June finally arrives, my heart is in paradise! VACATION! We have commonly finished up our homeschooling for the year and have put a long winter indoors behind us. My spirit feels burned out. The remedy is typically LOTS of time outside in my garden/yard and puttering around the house. Freedom from our normal daily routine. So many household things get behind in a school year so I'm like a butterfly flitting from one thing to the next with no thought to time. I start doing something in the kitchen which leads me to putting something away in a bedroom which leads me to cleaning a drawer in there only to need to take things down to the laundry area where I find something else that needs some straightening out only to have the phone ring and then I don't remember what I was doing when I'm done talking on the phone so I start back at something else in the kitchen which leads me to another room, and, well, you probably get the picture by now (and wasn't that a mighty fine run-on sentence!).

The calendar quickly flips to July, then August, and then :::bang::: I'm steaming mad at myself for frittering away my summer and not accomplishing much of anything on my project list.

Therefore, I am determined to be a wise steward of my June time and conquer this seasonal disorder of mine. A project list that will keep me on task throughout the month balanced with some flexibility to refresh my spirit. Building diligence, perseverance, and self control as I become like a postage stamp sticking with one project at a time until it is completed. Ask me in August how I did......

May you enjoy this June day in your garden working on the areas in your life the Lord has spoken to your heart about!

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Bonnie said...

Tammy, that's a great post! We here in FL don't have to worry too much about the need to get outdoors after being cooped up all winter -- maybe about getting back indoors when it gets so hot -- but I understand your frustration with seeing time drift by without accomplishing needed projects. Computer time can be like that, right? Especially for knowledge junkies like me!

You know what, though? I bet your children will remember and tell their children more about your great times with them outdoors than about the wonderful projects you finished! I bet years from now you won't regret that time, and you will have completely forgotten the projects -- or at least will have managed fine without them.

Actually, I do hope you get yourself to a good balance of order and pleasure. I am sure you will!

mom said...

Thanks for your words of wisdom, Bonnie :-) It is all about balance, isn't it? And our summer season is so short that we do need to make outdoor memories while we can!

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