Saturday, June 30

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This picture was taken last Saturday when my littlest had a birthday. Those four little fingers on the bottom of the plate represent four little years of living which have passed much too quickly for this mama. In fact, it appears that "toddler" may have to go out of my vocabulary as a descriptive word for this little one.

Tomorrow is another birthday celebration at our home as one of the middlers turns EIGHTEEN years old. Still shaking my head at myself for thinking I just had indigestion from eating too much pizza that night. At ten days past my due date. What was I thinking?! Let's just say this baby arrived in less than an hour from start to finish and it was a very memorable birth :-)

With these birthdays I'm starting to see I'm running into a dilemma. It's always been easy to group the littles, the middlers, and the olders. And in my mind they will always probably be classified as such. BUT the reality is that they are growing out of those categories. Actually, only the littlest is a little, there's maybe three that could be middlers, and all the rest are olders! Wow, how did that happen?! And someday....someday they will ALL be olders! Whew, I'm just relieved that I'm not aging as quickly as my kids! LOL!

So, please bear with me as I share about our family in the days ahead and hopefully don't confuse everyone as I try to remember who is who. Since they don't want to be named on this blog and I'm having trouble with the littles middlers and olders terminology, perhaps they need to go by numbers. Everyone, please wish Four a happy birthday tomorrow! How's that? :-)

May you enjoy the celebrations of life in your garden and all the memories that go with them!

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Donna Boucher said...

darling plate...
I'm glad I can call everyone I want to call by their name.
I could not do the made up name thingy.

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