Tuesday, June 5

one load and five pieces

One of our favorite stories about Jesus is the telling of how he fed thousands of hungry people with two fish and five loaves of bread. Talk about a miracle of multiplication! Sometime set those exact items upon your own table to see if you can even begin to fathom the awesomeness of God's work. It is a perfect example of how Jesus not only fed people spiritually, but he took care of their physical needs as well. And continues to do so today.

I've decided to use the same sort of principle to conquer the laundry....only by using division instead. For you see, sometime when I apparently wasn't looking, the clothes in my laundry area have multiplied. I do believe the items of clothing must number in the thousands! Oh, I can keep up with all the laundry of a large household, but I have a tendency to forget the clothing left in the dryer which means when I do remember it the items will require ironing. Still not a problem as I am one of those strange mothers out there who LOVES ironing :-) But we're talking laundry baskets currently as high as Mount Everest! So, I've come up with a plan. Each load that comes out of the dryer needs to be dealt with completely - everything needs to be sorted, folded, ironed, and put away completely. And since the iron is hot while I'm doing that, I iron five pieces from Mount Everest as soon as I've finished my one load (I actually started with three pieces, but I enjoy ironing too much....hehe....and now I can see the progress much quicker). And I guess the miracle that is happening is that my ear is more in tune with when the dryer is done, so I am actually able to fold and put away more clothes without needing to iron them. Oh, don't worry, I'll never work myself out of my favorite job :-D

Perhaps you have a job that needs to be divided and conquered in your home? Come up with a plan and watch your mountain turn into a molehill with a bit of determination, perseverance, and diligence!

Enjoy your summer day!

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pianopraise80 said...

"A" mountain?....I feel like I'm living in the Grand Tetons!! But yes...one at a time. :-)

mom said...

Grand Tetons, eh? LOL! It's a good thing you LOVE the mountains, eh? :::running and ducking:::

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