Saturday, June 23

running together

This morning over an early morning cup of coffee, my husband and I were talking about the day ahead. I'm on call for a birth so my day will be spent close to home while he will be taking a son - and whoever wants to go along to watch - to a baseball tournament about an hour or so away. We were talking about how our son just isn't hitting the ball when he's up to bat and the possible reasons why. My husband is convinced that sometime during the pitch our son takes his eye off the ball and therefore misses with his swing. He expressed the importance of watching the ball continually from the time the ball leaves the pitcher's hand until it crosses the plate. Although he said he mentions it before games, he believes the key that he found when he was a boy was to hear that piece of advice right when you step into the batters box and get settled. "Keep your eye on the ball!" And today my husband will be in the bleachers and not a volunteer umpire *grin* so he'll actually be able to state that to our son when he's up to bat.

And no kidding, guess what my passage of Scripture was this morning in my devotional? - the verses in Matthew about Peter walking on water until he was distracted by the waves taking his eyes off Jesus and sinking. Isn't God cool?! I love when He reinforces things :-)

Of course, my mind pondered this further. Keeping your eyes on the prize. Running the race. It reminded me of early this spring when a race walker friend talked me into my first 5K race. The race was a local fun race and she got a group of people committed to being a part of it....and did I mention the race was at midnight? LOL! The preparation for the race was enjoyable as I like walking :-) But the real enjoyment was the race and walking with a group of friends. We kept a fast pace with the experienced walkers checking on me to make sure I could keep up and encouraging my steps. And we chatted and laughed along the way crossing the finish line within seconds of one another.

Paul talks about running the race and pressing on toward the goal...the prize...the heavenly reward. The Christian walk. But you know, we don't run the race alone and there isn't only one person who will get the prize. We are as believers in Jesus Christ all running together in this race of life. And what could be more important than encouraging and supporting one another along the way so we all have a good finish? Like my spring race? And not knowing when it may be the midnight hour for another runner? Sharing Jesus with someone who may be at the end of the race? The importance of encouraging someone at just the right time. Like my son in the batter's box. Yes, we will all stand alone before God someday, but we've arrived there with the love and encouragement of others under our racing feet.

May you be an encouragement to someone in the race on this fine summer day!

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