Friday, June 22

taking the higher road

One statement which has been heard in our home from time to time amongst siblings or in reaction to various situations is: "That's not fair!" There are times when it truly isn't fair and a parent needs to intervene to correct what is happening. And then there are other times when the reality of life is accurately unfair but it's life, you need to deal with it, and move forward.

A situation has come up with an older which is feeling like injustice and hurt has been caused by two Christian friends. Even this mama bear has her fur up a bit with how this has been played out, but papa bear balances out my reaction with the reality of life and maturity - or should I say immaturity - of those involved. It is a situation where a parent does not need to intervene, but instead needs to remind their child of familiar counsel --- always take the higher road. Do not lower yourself to the behavior of someone else, but instead seek Christ as your standard of behavior living in a way that would follow the principle of Titus 2:6-7. In other words, living in such a way that no one could speak badly of you.

Oh, it's an easy thing to say and already head knowledge for this older, but it's the heart that is hurting and wants to respond in an opposite manner. It reminds me of a chapter in one of Elisabeth Elliot's books that I recently read about the discipline of feelings. Emotions are something that God has given us and we need to recognize them, name them, and allow the Lord to show us how best to train our responses. She says, "Choices will continually be necessary and - let us not forget - possible. Obedience to God is always possible. It is a deadly error to fall into the notion that when feelings are extremely strong we can do nothing but act on them." OUCH! Wait a minute! I was counseling an older on this topic and now I've been pinched? I don't think the changing hormones and moods that come with my age count, do they? Oh dear, there's always a lesson to be reminded of and learned once again , isn't there? Even *I* need to take the higher road, to live like Christ, when strong moods hit and my responses may not be found to be godly.

Today's walk down the garden path will be including prayer for my hurt one and how best to apply this lesson in my own life.

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