Tuesday, July 10

about that knowledge...

From my devotional last night:

"Some people think the wiser they become the greater grasp they will have of the mysteries of God--how everything works and how all the pieces fit together. But that is not what biblical wisdom is all about.

I have found the opposite to be true. The more knowledge of God I get (that is, the wiser I become) the more I realize how much I don't know, and will never know, about God and His ways." ~ David Jeremiah

Having a new eighteen year old in the house grants us the privilege of living with a genius once again. At that age, they do know EVERYTHING. Really. Just ask them :-) I think I'm finally learning though after living with a few geniuses already not to argue the point with them. Just nod your head, smile, and know that someday, yes someday, they do realize that they don't know everything and really do appreciate your advice about various things as they leave home.

Then as you race toward a number like fifty, you suddenly realize how much knowledge is out in the world we live in AND how little you really know. Can you say teeny tiny? Itsy bitsy? Then add (or should I say subtract?) all those hormones that are headed to extinction at this age and suddenly all the knowledge you did have has left your brain!

Ah, but wisdom. That is unlike anything the world has to offer for it comes directly from God. And the more you get into God's Word and desire to know Him better, the more you realize how vast He is! It is a learning process that will continue until the ends of our lives. And it's exciting! It is an adventure to see how God unfolds His plan :-)

And for me personally, the longer I know Him, the more I realize He is ultimately in control of everything and I can completely trust Him. Totally. His plan is the best. I think I've learned the lesson well (HA! we'll see about that, eh?) that the more I try to help Him, the more tangled the mess becomes. "Let go and let God" may be treated as a cliche, but I can't think of a statement which holds more truth.

Spend some time along your garden path getting to know God a little better through His Word for that is where true wisdom is found!

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P.S. Blogger is giving me fits lately...I couldn't even post last night on our family blog...grrrr! So I hope this one works when I hit the "publish button"!

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