Thursday, July 5


WARNING: If you are a member of my family, please do not read further. Click on another link immediately. This is especially important to do if you are a member of the family who is planning on traveling here this weekend.

Now the "censored from my family" portion....

Yesterday we attended a picnic and I was enjoying a conversation with someone whom I had met there. It came up that her oldest had just gotten married a couple of weeks ago and would I be interested in looking at the pictures? Of course! So, we sat closely next to each other looking over the pictures and talking about them. And she handed me the wedding program which I read as it had the couple's love story printed on it. It was fun to talk about since we, too, had recently went through a wedding. As our conversation moved on, she mentioned that they were camping, but it had not been a good experience as she was very sick with the flu. FLU? What kind of flu, I inquired, as I know that definition varies from person to person. The vomiting, diarrhea, achey, drop dead tired kind. However, she said that at least that day it seemed everything was staying down :::::THUD::::: and I slowly slid to the other side of my lawn chair practically tipping over!

MAJOR PET PEEVE OF MINE: People who KNOW they are not well yet still immerse themselves in crowds of people.

Am I oversensitive? I dunno. I know that we can't totally avoid germs. And, really, I'm not one of those germaphobia kind of people. And yes I've been known to purposely expose my children to the chicken pox experience. However, I don't intentionally try to pick up "bugs" knowing they are highly contagious and will go through our big ol' family one by one :::sigh:::

All I can say is that we were sitting closely together and I was handling things she had handed to me. There was no way that I missed "bug" germs, so my prayer now is that her contagious stage was over. For we have an important family wedding in two days and I can't imagine any of us not being able to attend.

And in the mean time, I'll be eating lightly....

Have a healthy day!

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Donna Boucher said...

My husband thinks just like you.

I do think that it is selfish to go out or to take your children out when they are sick!

One of the main principles of the Bible is to think of others.
Love others.

So it makes sense that it bothers you on quite a few levels :o)

But then...we have the hard job of forgiveness :o)

And then we can practice trusting God too .

(Here I am getting heavy in your comments :o) I know you can handle it!)

mom said...

Yup, you are right on all levels. And I've been pondering my attitude and working the grrrr out of it....and continuing to eat lightly *grin*

Tammy ~@~

lisa said...

I think it is the absolute height of rudeness to knowingly be around others when you are sick. EVEN IF 'everything is staying down today'.

I can get so worked up over being around sick people that I don't sleep or want to cook or eat just in case. I know I need to work on my attitude, but I truly don't get it that people don't think other's mind getting their germs unnecessarily. Blech...praying for you...

pianopraise80 said...

Too late! I already read it on your other blog!!
And you know that I agree with you!!

mom said...

If it's any comfort, so far I feel fine....although cleaning the boys' bathroom almost did me in :-p~

Andrew said...

must not have been my bathroom then.....

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