Tuesday, July 3

the butterfly

The Butterfly

My hands are warm to the butterfly
I am trying to set free.
Delicate, frail creature of beauty,
what can it know of me?
I am outside its comprehension.
It knows sunshine and showers,
darkness and the feel of flowers.
We do not ask it to do the impossible
and know Man.

So we, with God,
who looks with tenderness upon our frailty,
trying to guide us.
Trust him!
He knows the way, and, if we let him,
will open windows,
and, cradling us gently in hands we cannot comprehend
will lift us up and set us free.

~Margaret Orford

One butterfly flew off the other day without us seeing. Fortunately our kitchen door frequently stands open (via kids or a dog who opens the door himself) so that he could flit and fly out and away. Yesterday the other butterfly emerged from his chrysalis and was drying his wings. Since it was a gray, gloomy, misty, cool day outside and the kitchen door wasn't doing its typical stand open routine, I gently took the pen with the shells of the chrysalises and the hanging butterfly and reattached them to a sheltered place on the porch. He stayed there for a while and then one of the kids noticed him down in the yard several feet away. The next time we checked, he was gone.

Some of life's challenges are harsh and we are forced to stand firm against the battering of the storm. He provides the courage and the strength necessary for the moment. But there are times when we are frail and God so tenderly and gently guides us with His hand. We trust the shelter He provides. As He gently opens the window, we flit and fly away knowing His eye is watching and we are still in His care.

Just as the butterfly does not understand our ways, we often do not understand God's ways. Yet we can completely trust Him and His purpose and plan for our life for He loves us abundantly whatever the weather in our garden. And with that knowledge, my heart can praise Him without hesitation!

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