Monday, July 23

a cloudy day

Perhaps it won't stay, but it appears that we have a heavy gray day here for a change. Only a scattered chance of some rain which means I should get back out to the garden and get the sprinkler going AGAIN.

We have had a LOT of sunshine this summer. Ah yes, abundance of that which puts a smile on my face daily :-) My step is always lighter when the sun is shining! But I needed a day that would not tempt me to wander around outside as I have things to catch up on the inside of our home. And the perfect day has arrived. My list is outlined and it's by no means a short list. I've got work to do. Lots of it. But here I sit. My heart isn't into it.

Instead there's a different list on my mind. A list of petitions which is also by no means a short list. I've got praying to do. Lots of it. So many people with heavy things or many daily things happening in their lives which have caused them to request prayer. And I don't want to flippantly quickly pray. I want to sit. And pray. And read Scripture as I pray. And listen. My heart is burdened by it.

And back to the age old struggle of being a full time mom with full time kids with a full time household. How, Lord, how?

Time to be creative and find something for the kids to keep busy doing for a bit. Something that shouldn't cause friction between them. And I can escape to my prayer closet with my second list in hand. And I trust that by doing so my first list will be accomplished just the way the Lord would like since I've taken time for heavenly matters.

"As it is the business of tailors to make clothes and cobblers to make shoes, so it is the business of Christians to pray" ~ Martin Luther

May you find a moment of time to do some business in your garden today....

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