Thursday, July 26

the culprit?

Mary from the county extension office called this morning to talk about my beets :-) Her conclusion after hearing the evidence was that it was cutworms doing the damage. They are creepy crawly critters who live in the soil in the daytime and come out at night to clip plants at the baseline. They tend to be more bothersome during drier weather. She is going to send me an info sheet that will help me combat these critters in the future.

Being the Doubting Thomas I am on occasion and having never experienced this in my garden, I did go out and loosely dig around in that area of the garden hoping to see one. No success. I have to trust Mary at the county extension office and her information sheet on this one. Just as I have trust God's written Word to walk by faith and not by sight. But, ohhh, I am so thankful for the glimpses I catch of Him traveling through my garden!

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