Tuesday, July 31

dancing in the breeze

Dancing in the Breeze

I went to the garden
to pick some peas.
Found them dancing
in the evening breeze.

The day was hot,
so I joined right in.
Tapped my toes
and began to grin.

Peppers in a polka
as the snow peas snapped.
Beans in a boogie
as the cabbage clapped.

Squash square dancing
with a cha-cha chard.
Watermelon waltzing
all around the yard.

Picked my supper
with the greatest ease--
everything swinging
in the dancing breeze.

~ George Shannon

It is so so much fun to start eating from the garden. I noticed this morning that the peas pods were big enough to eat, so I picked a few and ate! YUM! I'll pass the news on the kids as this is one crop that won't make it to our table, but will instead be eaten in the garden. I've struggled to have good peas. Putting a fence up within the garden just didn't work well since I couldn't do anything too permanent as I rotate everything around every year. I tried using the actual garden fence which worked wonderfully AND gave the deer a feast as soon as the peas were ready to eat! This year I thought I'd try again and I planted the pea seeds in a circle within tomato cages. Not ideal, but it's working! YAY! I love fresh peas :-)

And the poem came from a fun library book about gardens that Littlest read - guess who picked the book out for her! LOL!

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pianopraise80 said...

I know a Mom with a garden flair,
Who spends more time in the garden than the house
(I sware!!)
It seems she's always a poem to share
About the plants in her garden and all their cares.
You should peek in her garden, but don't stare--
You never know what you'll see in there!!

Love you!!

mom said...

LOLOL! Mahhhvelous! You are a poet and you didn't even know it! Perhaps you should write a book of poetry (you know, in your free time *wink*) and the proceeds could finance the extra you need for the new apartment :-)

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