Wednesday, July 25

a devastated patch

Back in for my lunch break.

I know this picture isn't great nor will it interest most of you. This is my beet patch in the garden. Or I should say WAS my beet patch. Actually I took the picture after I had already done some clean-up work and suddenly thought I should take a picture as my olders will be interested in it.

Last year the same thing happened although early in the gardening season. Suddenly one day all my beet plants were gone - almost like they had been mowed down. No sign of a cause. This year I did a first thinning and they looked good. A few days ago I did a second thinning and they were looking real good. This morning I came out to my garden and this is what I found. There are only a couple of plants that weren't affected by whatever caused it. Again, there is no sign of what happened. No bugs. No caterpillars. The deer can't get in. Nothing else in the garden bothered. Clueless. The only thing I can think of is chipmunks? I dunno. I'm stumped.

I did come into the house and call the county extension office for help. The main person was out at a farmers market today (!) but a message was left for her to call me back tomorrow.

For all my married life I've had a garden following in the tradition of my grandmother and my mom. And every year I used a handed down canning recipe for pickled beets. Except last year. And now this year. And I'm sad about it.

"The next time you're disappointed, don't panic and don't give up. Just be patient and let God remind you he's still in control." ~ Max Lucado

I realize there's a LOT bigger things happening in the world today than my devastated beet patch, but disappointing none the less to my heart. God is even in control of beet patches and I'm going to hope for a solution that will ensure success next year and the continuation of an old family recipe.

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Donna Boucher said...

What critter loves beets?

Well. I love beets and I would be very sad to have my beets eaten and trampled.

Perhaps a fence is in order for next summer.

Last summer something was gnawing my rosebush and tomato bush.

I can't imagine a deer this close to our house...but I can imagine a porcupine and they happen to like that sort of food.

So what likes beets?

mom said...

I have no idea what critter likes beets, but hope to get some suggestions this morning! We do have a tall fence up that keeps the deer nicely out (unless someone forgets to shut the garden gate!) but little critters could get in and the chippies are rampant this year despite the best efforts of the dogs. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I porkie could get through the fence unless it was a little guy?

All I know is that I'm sad about the loss and am trying to put it into proper perspective as my husband has recommended....

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