Monday, July 30

doggettes and chippies

Translations: Dogs and Chipmunks. We just have a different lingo around our house. These two types of critters definitely have a love/hate kind of relationship. And this type of relationship is greatly worsened late in the summer when there is a BUMPER crop of chippies.

It goes like this: the dogs hear the call of the chippies which is a distinctive chirping kind of sound and off they go in a wild and frantic manner to track down the culprit. Sometimes they are seen jumping up and down at a tree trying to catch a chippie and will sit patiently for a long time at the base of the tree if they know one is up there. It is a strange sight to see a dog just sitting and staring up, but we've become accustomed to it and it's just part of life. Unfortunately, not all chippies head for the trees, but have different hiding places. Commonly these are holes in the ground. And guess what happens when they enter one of these holes? YUP, massive digging by the dogs. ALL over the yard. GRRRR! As much as I think chippies are cute, I'm headed toward a hate relationship if they don't stop chirping in my yard and driving my dogs absolutely crazy! Stooopid critters!

The picture is of one of the worst holes of the yard this summer. See how proudly Muffin sits by it! This is at the front corner of the house and is where we commonly stack our firewood for the winter season. As you can see, the little bit of firewood that was left from last season has been thrown all over when the chippies run into there and the dogs attempt digging them out. Around the corner is a rock flower garden which they've also dug around in when the chippies go in there. But the worst of it all is that they've dug into our rock border which is where the rain goes drip drip AND have even dug under the concrete foundation in that area. GRRRR!
Since the picture with Muffin really didn't do
justice to the depth of the hole, I called in my knee-high corn model to come and stand in it. She wasn't too happy about stepping down in there with her pinkie sandals, but managed a smile. It really doesn't make much sense to fill the hole in now because the probabilities are that the dogs will dig there again. GRRRR! And I should clarify that it is mainly Muffin who is the no no bad dog. Shadow hears the chippies, but watches and waits for her to run, then follows. He even sits and watches her dig. It's quite an interesting thing to observe. It's like he wants to be part of the action but prefers the accomplice position.

Even sitting here now while typing, I can hear that familiar chirp chirp chirp sound (actually more than one) and know that there is probably a dog listening and waiting for the right moment. GRRRR!

Sometimes there are people in our lives who chirp us into aggravation. They cause us to put our fur up and make us want to bark and chase them up a tree. Their annoyance can cause us to dig holes that aren't easy to get out of gracefully. GRRRR! Or perhaps we prefer the accomplice role of watching a verbal battle going on. Or even ease our exasperation by gossip. Plain and simple....we fall into sin.

"We can't stop the Adversary from whispering in our ears, but we can refuse to listen, and we can definitely refuse to respond." ~ Liz Curtis Higgs

Refuse. Refuse. Refuse. And we can do that with the power that God provides. Just have to plug into that power.

NOW if I could just teach my doggettes that lesson!

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Donna Boucher said...

It is very cute that you call them chippies. We do too :o)

That really do chip so loudly.

I remember, when we lived in Marinette, thinking there was an awfully loud bird out there...and then I figured out it was the chipmunks.

Your dog is beautiful and sweet looking...but naughty for digging holes.

But dogs will be dogs.

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