Sunday, July 8

double blessings!

What a glorious day was oh seven oh seven oh seven!

Perfect weather to welcome a new sister-in-law/aunt into the family as we sat in our lawn chairs by the lakeside during the ceremony. Plenty of sunshine, plenty of breeze in the heat, plenty of shade, plenty of water to play in, plenty to eat - our cup runneth over!

Oh, but that wasn't the only blessing found in our day of 'sevens'. What could top it, you ask? Ahhhh, an announcement at breakfast of an upcoming grandangel! We are calling it another honeymoon baby as February babies keep popping up around here, although the announcement didn't come from the actual honeymooners. We are EXCITED! Okay, I confess, I'm probably the most excited! As the boys around here would say, WOOT! Or as I would say, WOOO HOOO!

Off to enjoy the rest of the day with my family as we've worshiped together and will now play together until it's time for farewells!

May you, too, enjoy family moments all together today! They become a rarer commodity as our children grow up and move away.

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Donna Boucher said...

What state do you like in.
And it you don't want to tell here...
my email is on my sidebar!

I love that wedding cake out at the lake!!!

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