Tuesday, July 31

five sisters

Five Sisters

Five little sisters walking in a row;
Now, isn't that the best way for little girls to go?
Each had a round hat, each had a muff,
And each had a new pelisse of soft green stuff.

Five little marigolds standing in a row;
Now, isn't that the best way for marigolds to grow?
Each with a green stalk, and five had got
A bright yellow flower, and a new red pot.

~Kate Greenaway

Early in the spring one of the girls read this poem aloud and I thought to myself that if I planted any marigolds this season, I'd have to remember to take a picture to go with the poem. And I remembered yesterday :-) There was an empty space at the end of the tomatoes to plant some marigolds along the fence. They do like that sunny spot :-) And no, they don't perfectly match the description of the marigolds in the poem as I'm not always sure what I'll get when I purchase them. Not many oranges and reds this year, mainly all yellow. But they are easy flowers, nonetheless.

May you find a bit of cheerfulness along your garden path today!

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