Thursday, July 26

heating and cooling

Late yesterday afternoon while I was sorting papers on my bedroom floor, the two youngest came into my room bickering - something about the Barbie car and who had it first and whose doll was in it, etc - you know, important girl stuff. After attempting to sort out the argument (I think my papers were easier to sort out!), the littlest appeared to be the main culprit and wasn't too happy to hear that. She climbed onto my bed and promptly fell asleep on my pillow. I determined that their main problem was probably that she was overtired. But when she awoke it was in tears as her legs were badly hurting. And her head. Upon checking further, she felt quite warm. The thermometer agreed. 101.7 degrees. It's no fun having a fever on a sweaty hot day *sigh* Poor Lovey! Some pink medicine (of course, we have to buy the pink stuff for her!) and an evening dip in the lake helped her to feel better. I checked her through the night and her fever was reasonable enough each time that I could just give her fuzzababy and pinkie and she'd fall right back to sleep. Now this morning it's back up to 101.7, so I guess the plan for the day just got changed. That's okay. It's summer. We're flexible.

That's the heating. Now for the cooling of the day. Two boys were dropped off at church early this morning for a long bus ride down to an outdoor water park. Perfect weather for such an event! Cooling, refreshing, and fun! They'll be back tonight no doubt worn out from a long full day. There is a chance of showers and storms this evening which is to be coming in advance of a bit cooler weather. I do hope we get the much needed rain in the process.

Hot or cold. What is your personal spiritual climate these day? I've heard it said that there's no such thing as standing still in one's spiritual walk. One is either moving forward or going backward. Hot or cold. I can attest that my garden grows like crazy in the hot weather, even more so when it's regularly watered or when the wind blows causing its roots to deepen and strengthen. We can grow, too, as long as we are regularly watered with God's Word and use that to strengthen us when the winds of life blow us around.

May you have a growing day in your garden!

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