Wednesday, July 25

i'm not glowing

I knew we'd get a taste of it sooner or later...real and humid. I don't mind hot; I do mind humid. Ugh!

It takes me back to sixth grade and a dear teacher whose first class was us. She began a weekly class "just for girls" to help us become young ladies. You know, I don't remember much about that particular class other than we practiced walking with books on our heads AND she told us that girls do not sweat, they glow. Yup, I couldn't tell you a thing about the history or science we covered that year, but I do recall the glowing.

But, heaven forbid, yesterday I determined that I definitely had gone beyond glowing and was actually sweating. And I wasn't doing much to even cause that response. Ugh! Time to get out all our fans and head to the lake for an afternoon swim or retreat to the downstairs where it's a bit cooler.

Knowing what the day ahead will bring for weather, I'm heading out to the garden now while it is the coolest. There are still sleepyheads in my house, so it will be a quiet retreat to ponder things going on in life right now. So even in the midst of ugh there can be a blessing found!

May you catch a bit of blessing in the ugh days of life :-)

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pianopraise80 said...

Funny how sometimes our lives kinda coincide. My "ugh" of the day is really bad nausea!! Let's see what can I do while lying perfectly still??

mom said...

Ummm, you could read a book and have the princess turn the pages?

Watch a soap opera? *wink*

Close your eyes and listen to the princess getting into trouble with classical music playing in the background?

Ponder a bit then make a mental list of all the things you'll have to do once the nausea passes?

Consider the true cost of a kitten?

Think about a warm sandy beach upon a beautiful lake with piranhas under the raft?

Okay, I'll stop here and by now you're probably already feeling better!

Hugs to you!

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