Wednesday, July 11

is that a light?

I think, yes, I do think I'm beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Baseball began in April with registration. Practices and games began in May. Tournaments began In June. My son has not only played little league hardball on a regular team throughout this season, but he has also been a part of the traveling all-star team for his age group. So, that has meant more practices and more games. His regular league finished up the beginning of July. His all-star team had a tournament last weekend and today begins the state-wide regional tournament which will go through the weekend. It is highly unlikely they will get too far in the tournament (ah, yes, ye of little faith mother!) so our family has made plans to travel and attend a major league baseball game this weekend. We are looking forward to being in the big stadium with all the flash and fun and food! :-)

To celebrate the ending of his baseball season, we held a get-together at our house all yesterday afternoon for boys available from his regular team and his all-star team. Fourteen boys showed up to eat, swim, and, of course, play more baseball :-) Our house, yard, and lake were full of noisy activity. They had a great time!

But wait, that isn't the end of the baseball tunnel for our family. As a family grows older, so do some of the activities we can do together change. Six of us have been participating in Yahoo's fantasy baseball with our very own league. Although I do love baseball as proven by the fact that I met my husband while playing softball, I've never followed major league baseball too closely unless a particular team made it close to the World Series. But since I'm managing my own team this summer, I've had to watch statistics more closely and learn what a bunch of symbols mean to translate all those statistics. It has been a lot of fun and I giggle every time I check the standings first thing in the morning as my daughter-in-law has held first place for a long time while my baseball playing son sits in last place...hehe! However, I assume this line of baseball will take us into the fall? Argh, that light at the end of the baseball tunnel has just faded!

Hmmm, now to find my spiritual take on the topic of baseball --- here's my stretch!

It's a season. Just like the seasons of motherhood we go through. Some seasons are longer than others. Some are busier than others. Some linger longer than others. Some are hard, some are filled with laughter.

But, I think that one thing I didn't really consider when I first became a mother was that it would be a forever season in my life. Although our children may grow up and leave home, but we will always be a mother. Always. And God will always be there with us. Always. And knowing that allows us to embrace this season whatever stage we may be passing through.

Off to get a baseball uniform out of the dryer as I need to sew a patch on a sleeve before we leave this afternoon!

Enjoy your summer day :-)

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