Friday, July 13

it's worth a try

Okay, I'm trying my best to stretch the summer. Beware! I suggest you don't try to mess with me and my dates as I'm keeping my Kauai chicken on guard! (Which reminds me of one of the flea market booths which had a ton of little signs hanging for purchase. One of them said something like "Raising teenagers is like slowly being pecked to death by chickens". I wonder why I remember that particular one....) And yes, the picture was taken yesterday so I'm a day's actually June 43rd today *grin*

Anyway, back to the point. Can you believe we're about to hit mid-July?! Summer is racing by and there's still so much to do! Our brains have been on vacation mode and this is usually the point of the summer where we begin transitioning. The kids are starting to get more restless from being out of routine with so much freedom in vacation mode and will now do better with more direction from mom.

This week all of the high schooler's curriculum arrived and can be jumped into whenever he's ready. Some of our other books for the lower grades are already here with the rest needing to be ordered soon as I double check what I have and don't have to begin a new season of school. It is interesting to see the kids randomly putter in their books in the summer when they get bored which gives us a much appreciated head start for the year.

And now I need to buckle down and hit my project list hard. The main things are outdoor jobs which cannot be done year around. The garage needs a major cleaning. Our house, garage, and storage building all desperately need staining. The porch from our remodeling project needs to be completed. A couple windows need to be replaced. Wood needs to be split and stacked so it can dry. Okay, so my only thing to do on this list is cleaning the garage....the rest I discussed with my husband last night as they fall into his area. Whoops, there is the outdoor job of the garden which is screaming to be weeded and hoed. Monday begins the regimented everyone works out in the garden until it's done job. And when the outdoor projects are done, then back to the indoor projects which I've been puttering around on.

But first things first! We are gonna play a bit as a family :-) Today we'll do some traveling to take in a major league baseball game tonight. And then maybe the zoo or a museum tomorrow before we head back home. It'll be a nice break from vacation....hehe!

"Nothing is worth more than this day." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

No matter how we attempt to stretch summer, it's always too short and fleeting. Live this day that the Lord has given you to the fullest! Enjoy!

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Donna Boucher said...

I like your idea!!!June 42nd!!!

Enjoy the game!

Perfect weather!

Just think, I have gone from planning for a senior in high ONLY planning for a 2nd grader.

It is too easy for words.

Perhaps we should stretch and learn French :o)

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