Friday, July 27

like my door

Our camper girl is home and unpacking her things. She received a wonderfully packed box of goodies in the mail from her older sister and was sharing the goods with her siblings. While they were nibbling, we noticed the Sunday comics that she had wrapped things with so they'd travel well in the mail. I just really giggled when I read one of the cartoons as it so so described something I did when we did our kitchen remodeling. I absolutely could NOT part with our main kitchen outer door as since the beginning of time we had marked our children's growth on it. In fact, some of my kids friends' heights are marked on there because they thought it would cool to be included! My husband was nice enough to humor me and the door sits out in his work garage. My intention was to continue using it for all the kids coming up, but quite honestly it has been forgotten in its lean-to position out in the garage. This comic has reminded me that I should follow-up on my intention! Anyway, I googled to see if I could find this particular cartoon and here it is! It is appropriately titled "Close to Home" as this particular one certainly hit me close to home :-)


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Kimmie said...


Love the comic and the fact that you took your door with you. Remembering my childhood where my mum measured us on the inside of the hall closet wall...sad we couldn't take it ;-)

thanks for sharing!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

mom said...

Yes, it would be hard to move a WALL! But a neat memory for you :-)

MarlaQuack said...

Snicker, that was really cute! I'm picturing the new owners looks when they see their doorway.

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