Saturday, July 28

a lonely little petunia

I do enjoy planting some flowers by seed into my vegetable garden. They have a way of brightening the rows :-) Those that I've planted this year are not yet blooming though.

My other method of getting flowers into my vegetable garden is to scavenge late season sales at local greenhouses to find annuals that I can stick in here and there where different vegetables didn't do so well. They are often not the most healthy looking plants, but tend to do well given a chance in the rich garden soil.

This summer I picked up some leggy looking petunias and stuck them in the spaces I had between my onion plants. They are starting to come around and the pink looks pretty mixed in with green. It reminded me of the old song about the lonely little petunia in an onion patch - I'm not sure how good the song will sound on dial-up, so here are just the words to the song. And, no, I'm NOT hearing this pretty little flower crying! She seems rather happy to me as do her sisters who are intermingled with her in the row of onions :-)

You know, sometimes it feels like God has placed us in an onion patch. It reminds me of a bookmark my mom had cross-stitched for me....BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED. Perhaps a few tears shed in our onion patch can help us grow and bloom right where we are planted!

Be a petunia!

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pianopraise80 said...

I've never in my life heard this song...Guess you'll have to sing it to me!

mom said...

Um, yikes, I'm showing my age a bit, eh? LOL!

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