Tuesday, July 24

a new old book

There is no doubt that I love books and reading.

I grew up doing what a majority of my kids do now....tucked into bed at night with a flashlight, a good book, and no thought to time. Ahhhh! Could anything be better?

Then I did really grow up into a wife and mother and all of that changed. My reading transitioned to the things I needed to learn about and my shelves filled with books on birthing, mothering, parenting, homeschooling, nutrition and health, numerous Bible studies and Christian titles, and countless books for kids of all ages. You will only find a few *fun* books for me as reading has become more of a job than enjoyment since time is so sparse.

Aha! Enter my rare journey through a flea market a couple of weeks ago. On a table of "stuff" there was an old book by an author that I recognized - Daphne du Maurier. I had read a couple of her mystery books back in high school as my mom had a few on her book shelves. I couldn't resist. I mean, really, a dollar and twenty cents?! And I felt like a kid again as I had a hard time putting the silly book down once I began reading it! LOL! Oh, how I loved reading about the characters, the depth that she developed them, and their inter-relationships with one another. Such a random enjoyable find which I will carefully put on my own shelves as this book is the original version from the 50's :-)

May you enjoy those little detours that sometimes come along your path!

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