Thursday, July 12

only a little patch

Only a little patch to be attached to the left sleeve of his uniform before this tournament game. No problem, right?


It was an iron-on patch and everyone knows those things don't stay on, so my first step was to iron the patch on in order to sew it on. The ironing part was quick and easy. The sewing part.


Anyone else have eyes that are changing rapidly in middle age? I am nearsighted, but gradually my nearsightedness is becoming OFF. I'm constantly either having to look under my glasses to read something or completely taking my glasses off. Like when I'm using my computer. I immediately take my glasses off and set them on my desk while I read and type. And my olders are saying I need to go and have my eyes checked so I get glasses that work for near and far, but, but, my eyes keep changing that I don't want to invest in a pair that I may need to replace rather soon. Flimsy excuse, I know *sigh*

Back to the simple little patch. The quick sew job, right? Well, I took off my glasses to thread the needle and YIKES! I had one whale of a time trying to get that thread through the eye of the needle. I was even considering finding a magnifying glass but wasn't sure how I'd hold that, plus the needle, plus guide the thread. Then I thought about using one of my big yarn quilting needles but knew that would leave rather large holes next to his patch. So, I persevered. Patiently I worked at it and finally the thread was through! Woo hoo! And it only took me a few minutes to sew -- as long was I held it at the right distance.

Let's just say it was a project that took me MUCH longer than I anticipated.

And with that came sadness. I grew up in a sewing family. My grandmother sewed, my mother sewed, and I sewed. But sewing has taken a back seat for a long long time. There's just no time in my full days. I always thought to myself....someday when the kids are older I'll have more time to sew. What I hadn't stopped to consider is that *I* will be older then, too. My eyes aren't going to work as well. And I have friends who have developed minor arthritis or carpal tunnel in their hands as they've aged. Life changes.

"Do not complain about old age. It is a privilege denied to many." ~ Anonymous

There are going to be a lot of things that change as we age. Don't complain. Adjust. Make time NOW for things you love. Even if it's just snitchets of time here and there. And I'm going to try to take my own advice....but first I'm going to find that ancient needle threader gadget that found its way into my sewing stuff back when I was a kid!

Take a snitchet of time along your path today to enjoy doing something that blesses your heart!

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Randi said...

You know, maybe a new prescription would enable you to sew easier.

As I am getting a bit older, I am trying to focus on the priveledge it is to age, rather than on the bad side of it. I want to look forward to grandkids and watching my kids grow older also. It is too easy to fall into the trap of being negative about the whole thing!

mom said...

Oh, oh! You sound like my kids! LOL! I suppose I should just bite the bullet and go in for an eye exam. It has been quite awhile.

And I agree...there are so many positives and grandbabies are definitely one of them!

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